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Part of the work that I do over at Patreon, which funds the podcast, hosting fees and more, is to create a monthly audio podcast. We do the Live Streamed podcast each week, which showcases my work, as well as the community’s work, throughout the week. Over time, it becomes a showcase of work throughout the months and now, slowly, it has become years.

When I first started the videocast, I had no idea what I was doing (spoiler: I still feel like this sometimes). As things grew and morphed into what they are today, the audio podcast, Wool n’ Spinning Radio (Google Doc of all episodes), was born. Now, with over 60 epsiodes and too many conversations to count, I have released the first 10 episodes for you to listen to and get aquainted with what the Radio podcast is all about.

As I got used to podcasting, the first couple of episodes are rocky at best – I won’t be insulted if you skip them! But there are some great conversations after that — many of them with Katrina of Crafty Jaks Boutique, including Breed & Colour Study conversations that came later. In the meantime, here are some conversations with my friends who have so much to offer this amazing fibre-filled spinning world. I hope you enjoy our conversations:

To support Wool n’ Spinning and grab an RSS feed for the audio podcast once you pledge (at any level – just $1/month goes a long way), please head over here to have a look.

For the most recent conversation, the Patreon post is here for subscribers of the community. Katrina and I chatted about the most recent breed & colour study on Charollais. At the end, there is a snippet of conversation from the Queries & Explorations Virtual Spin Group about the purpose of these studies and ways to approach them.

Something that I have enjoyed the most about the podcast is meeting all the amazing people who have come to the community looking to meet others who love handspinning as much as they do. It’s been amazing to see so many come together from all over the world. Varying backgrouds and ideas, thoughts and feelings, all come together in this community. I hope you will consider joining us!

Thank you for listening!

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