Breed & Colour Study: Shetland Reveal!

Please read through to the end for information about ordering on Monday, January 25th — if you are a PATRON of the community, please click here.

Here we are, Spinning Circle, another study! It’s so exciting! Thank you for joining Katrina and I in our adventures with these studies. Your support of this work means the world to us & it means we can continue to offer them, study together and learn! Learning! Growing! Supporting! Yay!

For a recap on previous studies, please have a look here. I wrote a comprehensive blog post about the studies we’ve done – I need to write another to update from the newer studies but one day! one day!

Katrina and I recorded an episode of Wool n’ Spinning Radio to chat about this study so please have a listen if you are a patron of the community (remember, all patrons have access to the audio podcast with Patreon subscription). As well, Katrina wrote about her experience with her husband, Eric, that resulted in the amazing inspiration photo for this study, here:

Katrina’s words: I took this last summer on an overnight hike I did with my husband, Eric. Together we hiked to the top of Golden Ears in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. 

The resulting braids of fibre are incredible – we will be exploring natural shades, which goes hand-in-hand with our Natural Shades ALONG in the Wool n’ Spinning Community, as well as those beautiful peaches, oranges and blues. Yahoo!

Katrina’s words: For this round, I have dyed the same colourway on three different natural shades of Shetland. I love how the base colour of the fibre affects the depth of colours you have. All of a sudden 6 colours is now 18 colours.

Amazing. She’s absolutely right that we have an incredible set of 18 colours to work with now — I have even begun spinning because I am so excited (I also loooooove the primitives & Shetland especially).

I hope you will join us — please check here for the ordering links and password for PATRONS of the community. Note that ordering for patrons will begin on Monday, January 25th @ 9am PST. You will need the password — linked in the Patreon post here. It will NOT work after the 1st hour. It IS case sensitive.

Can’t wait to get spinning with you all!


Rachel & Katrina

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  1. Kim Molitor says:

    regarding your lap apron, you mentioned that these had to be custom ordered. Can you please provide me with or tell me where I can get the e-mail address to order?

    1. rachel Author says:

      Yes! It’s through Crafty Jaks — and Katrina’s mom, Judi, makes them. Connect with Katrina through the contact form on her website —

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