Project Planning 2021

Last year I made a grid of all the projects that I hoped to make in 2020 and I was amazed at myself – I was able to make 8 of the 9!

Make Nine 2020 Grid

One was ripped earlier this week that would have made the 9th project but the yarn wasn’t a good match with the sweater. I took a photo of the pairing before ripping, which is below. This was Little Love by Ankestrick, which is a continguious top-down construction and beautifully written – this is still on my list of garments to knit in my lifetime but the pairing with the yarn, as I mentioned, wasn’t a good fit. The all-over stitch pattern doesn’t do either the yarn or the patterning justice. Instead, I think a worsted-spun yarn will be more appropriate – something smooth in a 2-ply that would help to open up those lace motifs that travel across the whole sweater, including the arms.

Back neck section of Little Love by Ankestrick, an all-over lace cardigan with a lovely shawl-style collar to finish.

After ripping out Little Love, I was kind of left with a gaping hole in my knitting WIPs because I didn’t really have anything that I could work on! My Poet sweater is at a point where I need to be completely present with my knitting to work the all-over lace patterning. I love that type of knitting – I find it very rewarding as I work through the rows (although I have to admit, I’m at the point where I just want to wear the thing now).

Poet Sweater by Sari Norlund – all over lace panels through the front and back sections of the raglan with St st sleeves, ribbed neckline and cuffs.

I also really need a project that I can zone out with and just knit when I am conducting podcast interviews or waiting with the kids at various activities – it’s quite challenging to knit intricate lace when the kids are crawling all over me in the car!

Make Nine 2021 Grid with prompts per Hey Brown Berry, rather than specific garments

In the end, I decided to cast on one of my Make Nine 2021 projects under the title ‘Rustic’ – above is a photo of my grid for 2021. I wanted to get away from specific garments since my tastes change as I work through the year – projects that spoke to me in January no longer sing my name in September. Maybe I’m fickle!

Lovely twisted stitches begin at the bottom hem of the Catedral Pullover by EweKnit Toronto – simple short rows shape the back hem of the hips

In the end, I chose the Catedral Pullover that was published at the end of 2020 by EweKnit Toronto – at the time of publishing, it was free. I decided on this particular sweater because it’s been in my queue on Ravelry since the fall and I had gauge with a yarn I’d played and swatched at the time of sampling.

Spinning & sampling a CVM fleece, processed at Kingdom Fleece & Fiberworks, intended 3-ply

The pattern calls for 19 stitches over 4 inches and I had achieved a lovely fabric with that called-for needles at 18.75 stitches over 4 inches. I was torn about sizing, wanting something that fit more closely to the way that this sweater fits on Andrea, rather than a very close, neat fit as is shown in the pattern photo. In the end, I decided to cast on with about 3-4 inches of positive ease.

I mark my swatches, especially big ones like this, with purl stitches for the US needle sizing, rather than English needles. I’ve really found this helpful over the past year to keep track of my gauge swatches. Here, I swatched on US 5, 6 & 7 needles.

So here’s to mindless knitting for the body and sleeves prior to the twisted stitches that will shape the yoke of this sweater! And one project knocked off my Make Nine grid for 2021 already! Yahoo!

What are you working on that’s mindless? What kind of projects constitute mindless for you?

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