Weaving Huck

Weaving Huck | Weaving and playing on my Louet Spring with some huck lace weaving structure.

As many of you know from recent months, I have been weaving huck lace a lot on the loom. It was my first project on my third-hand Louet Spring that I bought a couple of months ago! It’s been really fun learning a new weave structure and while it hasn’t always gone ‘to plan’, that’s part of learning something new. It’s not been too easy but it’s not been too hard, either. It’s been relunctantly challenging – but in a good way.

A floor loom with tea towels in orange, reds and creams tied onto the front.
Huck lace on the Louet Spring – first project on my third-hand loom! A lovely place to start.

I didn’t take meticulous notes for these projects as I was just playing. I am gearing up to start the OHS Master Weaver in October 2021, which I am ridiculously excited about – I haven’t been ‘in school’ for a long time and I’m excited to pushing my skills for the first time in a while. These towels were from Tom Knisely’s Huck Lace Weaving Patterns with Colour and Weave Effects. A great book – simple and laid out well – I just followed a few different ideas and created my own over-arching plans. To be totally honest, there wasn’t much plan per se.

Three tea towels, folded and laying next to one another. Oranges, reds and creams in a lace pattern.
Three towels off the loom – all a mish-mash of colour, texture and weave.

The top towel, photographed at the fore, was completely huck with a tabby border at the top and bottom. The huck didn’t really work to plan in the sense that it draws in more than the tabby but the waffle effect is very pleasing. The overall feel of the towel is quite amazing – textured in your hands and comfortable. No stiffness at all. It is structurally sound – I can’t push my fingers through and make holes.

Tea towel folded and laying on a table with a red woven lace panel and striping for the warp.
Red huck lace panel – woven with cream as the weft against the stripes is very pleasing.

Of the three, my favourite is the one with the red huck lace panel. It worked beautifully for effect and this informed my next project, which I will blog about later this week. The huck drew-in slightly but not enough to be unpleasant. I would weave this particular towel again if I were to make more of these.

The towels I am least happy with were the ones that I decided to just play. They were an experiment in what not to do and in the end, they turned out rather nicely. Not necessarily my cuppa but honestly? A good press with an iron and hemming them makes a world of difference!

A tea towel on a table with warp and weft striping creating 1x1 squares of faux plaid. Dark brown huck panel at the front hem.
Panel of dark brown huck for contrast, woven 1 by 1 squares with weft stripes for effect. Without the huck panel in there, I would have been very happy with these towels.

Overall, for my first project off my loom, I am very happy with the towels. I am onto a rainbow gamp next for the play of colour in an overall piece of fabric. Those will be my next towels! More Christmas presents, let’s be honest!

Until next time, happy weaving!

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