WnS Ep. 209: Delving into Spinning Sheep Breeds Kit || Grey Suffolk

WnS Ep. 209: Delving into Spinning Sheep Breeds Kit || Grey Suffolk | We will be spinning at the wheel! Looking at samples from the Spinning Sheep Breeds Kit from the School of SweetGeorgia, which is the kit from my new workshop!

Dear Spinning Circle,

Thank you for being here today, especially those who were able to make it to the Live Stream. I appreciate your time spent here in this place with me. You are most welcome. I hope you feel most welcome because you are welcome here.

Enjoy the show!


There is a lot going on in our community! It’s a lot to cover and remind you of each week. Have a look here for more info!!

If you are curious about what happens in our community, please click the links below, reach out to me: rachel @ welfordpurls (dot) com, or reach out on Instagram/Ravelry/Slack (if you are a Patreon member, @welfordpurls_admin)

Spinning On The Wheel || Grey Suffolk

We will be spinning at the wheel! Looking at samples from the Spinning Sheep Breeds Kit from the School of SweetGeorgia, which is the kit from my new workshop – link here (affiliate link). This week, we will start off with the first couple of breeds in the kit and work our way through the entire set over the coming months – which will take us into the summer! Exciting!

On & Off the Needles

In Progress – Knitting

Enchantee by Emilie Luis – Bowmont/Alpaca blend 2-ply, held double with Mohair-Silk lace; 4.5mm & 4.00mm // US 6 & 7

Larch Cardigan by Amy Christophers – deep stash, 100% BFL dyed years ago by Lynne of West Coast Colour; sport weight, ~1# of yarn or 1200 yards

Community Inspiration // Participation

For July, the month of Tour de Fleece, tell us what your goal is for this year’s tour! Ravelry Episode thread here.

Tour de Fleece 2021 //

Tour de Fleece 2021 starts on Saturday, June 26, 2021 and runs until Sunday, July 18, 2021

Video of culmination of TdF 2021!

Dionne shares via Slack: This was my first gradient and fun to make.

Cath shares via Slack: TdF singles finished 450g of hand combed Shetland x Romney from Fernhill Farms. I’ll wind each 25g off onto storage bobbins next and mix them up for plying.

Nicole shares via Slack: Final bobbin of three ply done! The final (middle) bobbin looks a little skimpy, but I figured I can always chain ply any leftovers. I’m planning on plying tomorrow after an overnight rest!

Charlette shares via Slack: Approximately 500 grams of Shetland.  Tomorrow during the live stream I will be rewinding and setting up to ply. It has been fun to see the two bins empty out (just in time for new fleece).

Amanda shares via Slack: Day 21: The rest of the Swedish Leicester got carded up and spun into singles today.  Rest overnight and then ply tomorrow.  Then the finish line!

Spindle Spun Summer (SSS)

Spindle Spun Summer – Starting on the Summer Solstice! Co-hosted by Marce of Hay Brown Berry Podcast

Carissa shares via Slack: So much plying tonight. The red one was spun on the wheel before SSS started, but I needed to get it off. I didn’t have my weights perfect, so I ran out of one ‘bobbin’ first and joined the other two and finished it chain plied. The really large hank was all spindle spun. I got my poor wheel to the point it couldn’t take up anymore – wanting to preserve the 3-ply fractal I put it in my ball winder first, then the niddy noddy. After this I’ll start learning how to use the Russian supported spindle.

Mary Jo shares via Slack: You probably can’t tell from this photo but we are getting some much needed rain, so I am hanging out under a canopy on the deck while I spin a bit.

Luxury Fibres ALONG

Julia shares via Slack: I just finished plying some singles I got from a woman in my local spinning group. The larger skein is black alpaca/silk plied with wool/silk. The smaller is the wool blend plied on itself.

Natural Shades ALONG

Liz shares via Slack: Just finished spinning 1.5lbs of Gotland into 2-ply.  Now what to make with it…possibly a rectangular wrap?

Samantha shares via Slack: Just keep plying…just keep plying! This has taken me soooo long to do and I haven’t even got to the end of my singles but I am so pleased with it so far. Now to leave a few days to rest then skein and set!! Romney x Shetland from Fernhill Farm. I have kept some fibre aside to try dyeing, then I hope to dye this yarn and maybe …….weave with it!!!!

Hanna shares via Slack: Finished my Perrie Leaves jumper! Knitted with my Grå Trønder spin. Made quite a few modifications thoughout the project. Different yarn weight resulting in different gauge (22 sts/10 cm, while the pattern calls for 18 sts/10cm), both for stitch count and rows. Most significantly for the neckline where I added more rows, I also made an i-cord bind off, which was not in the pattern.  In addition I shorten the body to fit my frame and made the sleeves full lenght. Added a few short rows to the top of the sleeve for a better fit, as the body had less ease then recommended in the pattern. It was cold enough this evening, so I could wear it.

Sample Spinning // PLAY

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct. – Carl Jung

Diane shares via Slack: I finally finished this really weird blend  of Manx, alpaca, and silk which I drum carded. It’s THE most matte finish yarn I’ve ever spun. Imagine soft burlap, or flannel, or buttery suede in yarn form. The braid is a companion of another fiber (edited: which I believe is Falkland) in matching colors which I’m going to spin similarly and then knit something interesting. I hope.

Sue shares via Slack: My first successful dye pot. Did a practice run, then tried the real thing. Two done, three to go. Most things aren’t that hard once you’ve done some research and get brave enough to have a go.

Tracy shares via Slack: I finished plying that first skein! Haven’t done post-wash math but pre was 396 yards, 89grams, 14wpi. I can see it puffed up so I’ll be curious what I get when I check. And then I’ll swatch!

Diana shares via Slack: I made some gold inspired rolags on my blending board and liked the result. So I tried to replicate it and made six more. The second and third skeins in the final photo are the result. Close, but a little too much orange.

Thank you so much for joining me today!

Until then, Happy Spinning!

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