Works in Progress: Weaving

Works in Progress: Weaving | Finishing my Unit 1 of my OHS Master Weaver, I’m starting on my Twill Gamp for the Weave Along with the School of SweetGeorgia!

I wrote about the Denting Scarf from Jane Stafford’s Online Guild, Season 3, Episode 1, last time. That is still on the loom and I am really enjoying working on it while we watch movies in the famliy room. I have exciting news to share about my OHS (Ontario Handweavers and Spinners) Master Weaver program – I have officially submitted my Unit 1 studies! It was a crap-ton of work (sorry for my language). To be honest, I don’t think you really realise until you start working on these programs how much work there will be – it just seems to be that ambiguous ‘lots of work’ descriptors and you start to numb to what that really means since it seems everything is a lot of work. But, really – this is A LOT of work. I’d say I spent as much time on this as I did on my courses that I completed for my Masters degree – honestly. I definitely clocked that much time to be sure! Unit 1 is done and now I’m onto Unit 2, which is a lot of reading and working through ‘problems,’ which I’m really enjoying thus far.

Binders and final projects ready for submission!

And like so many things, I feel like I am on to the next thing – just like that! I have another warp going onto the Leclerc Jack for another twill gamp. I’ve done these in the past for the Jane Stafford guild as well but this is out of 8/4 Cotton in natural, copper and teal. I thought I would join in on the School of SweetGeorgia Weave Along that starts today! {Affiliate link here if you’d like to support the podcast a little bit more – thank you!}

Threading for Twill Gamp in nautral & dark copper

I had it all threaded and ended up having to go back and re-thread because I wanted the straightdraw threading on the right had side and realised when I got to the end of threading that … duh … I’d placed it on the left. Point twill follows, then broken twill, then bird’s eye is last. In the correct order now, the Bird’s eye twill will be on the far right-hand side.

I’m hoping to sley and get lashed on tonight but best laid plans may way-lay me!

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