WnS Ep. 231: Dyeing the Colour Wheel

WnS Ep. 231: Dyeing the Colour Wheel | Small experiments with the kids, learning to dye with acid dyes on wool; finished Hedgehog Fibres old club Merino-Flax-Silk skein #woolnspinning #handspinning #podcast

Dear Spinning Circle,

Live Stream: Saturday, January 22nd @ 9am Pacific // 12noon Eastern** 

**Note the time change to accomodate a chat with Marcelo of VKL on Saturday morning for the Marketplace Extras at the weekend event. More info here

Direct YouTube link here.

Thank you for being here today, especially those who were able to make it to the Live Stream. I appreciate your time spent here in this place with me. You are most welcome. I hope you feel most welcome because you are welcome here.

Enjoy the show!

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There is a lot going on in our community! Ketchup & Pickles for January 2022 here.

If you are curious about what happens in our community, please click the links below, reach out to me: rachel @ welfordpurls (dot) com, or Instagram/Ravelry/Slack (for Patreon members, @welfordpurls_admin)

Spindle Spun Stitches

Long-Term Goal: To Spin for a Sweater

Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works Cormo // Processed by Kingdom Fleece & Fiberworks – supported spindle spun

On & Off the Bobbins

SweetGeorgia Yarns silk puff (40% merino, 40% SW merino, 20% silk) ‘hearth’ – Ashford eSpinner 3; continuous backwards, lots of twist @ 1430 on speed knob

SweetGeorgia Yarns BFL+Silk (85% / 15% silk) in ‘Tofino Roadtrip’ – Lendrum Saxony, 18:1, 3-ply fractal

Hedgehog Fibres Merino/Silk/Flax combed top; pre-drafted (Ravelry page here) – plied & washed

Australian flax strict – Kromski Minstrel, 18:1

On & Off the Needles

In Progress – Knitting

Ystava by Jonna Hietala – Estelle Yarns Llama Worsted, 5 skeins

Lunenburg Pullover by Amy Christoffers – Dominion Fleece & Fibre North County Cheviot, naturally dyed in Indigo, Marigold, Madder

Community Inspiration // Participation

Breed & Colour Study

Nicole shares: Finished up my supplementary Jacob braid! Two ply (one traditional and then the small skein bracelet plied from left overs) for a total of 272 yards. Spun z, plied s, 30° twist angle, 12 WPI, and 1111.5 YPP, all on my Lendrum DT. I’m really pleased with how well it matches up with my breed and color Jacob. I’m planning on putting them all together in a colorwork vest of some sort.

Ingrid shares: Breed study in progress. Even though knitting is my first love, I wanted to give crocheting with my handspun a whirl. Aren’t granny stripes/squares just so cozy? And the natural shades of sheep are so practical with my home esthetic. I just spun some Radnor and it practically spun itself. All of you doing the breed and color study are going to have a blast.

Spindle Spun Stitches

Mary Jo shares: I really enjoyed the show this morning. So much information and inspiration packed into an hour. Even though I don’t weave I love the weaving segments. This morning while I watched I plied cotton that I have been learning to spin. I think I have finally figured it out now I just need to get consistent.

Luxury Fibres ALONG

Dionne shares: How you prep or spin totally changes the look of your fiber blends. I’m spinning a merino/camel/ tweed blend. The first spindle is rolags. The second is spun from the fold.

Natural Shades ALONG

Kat shares: Spinning for slipper making. This is a pretty rough blend of alpaca (I suspect seconds) and Bergschaf, which is rather coarse too. But it works great for hard wearing it’s like slippers! Next step will be dyeing, then it gets knit into uppers, which will be attached to felt and leather soles.

Julie shares: Almost an FO. My daughter came for a sleeve check and dog-in-snow romp. No, this isn’t dog fur, but Corriedale Humbug I’ve been working on since taking the SOS sweater spin class with Rachel, and then finding all of you! Needs blocking. She wanted it quite a bit longer to wear with leggings. I’ll ease out the hips a bit in the block, I think. And she’d like longer cuffs with thumb holes. Onward! Thanks for introducing me to Andrea Mowry, folks. This is her Weekender sweater with a few mods. Great fun!

Zero to Hero // #sweaterspin #useyourhandspun #spinallthethings #weavewithhandspun

Kelli shares: For Christmas I made a cowl/ shawlette for my mom out of a beautiful fractal spun 85 polwarth/ 15 silk top that I spun on my Electric Eel Wheel 6.  The yarn was around a Dk to worsted weight.  This thing was hard for me to give up and I will be making some more for myself!  The pattern is Across The Waters and it really shows off the handspun.

Lisa shares: I did a zero to hero! A little one. I got this pretty Targhee braid from Bumblebee Acres farm and their fiber club. So I made some fingerless mitts.

Sample Spinning // PLAY

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct. – Carl Jung

Becca shares: The mitts are finally done after sitting around button-less for ages.  The yarn is a Polwarth/Shetland blend 3ply (roughly sport weight) that I spun a couple years ago.  Matching hat is nearly done!

Felipe shares: The three bobbins will be plied together and the other one is going to be chain plied. I want to check how consistent my drafting was while spinning the singles, as well as analyse the difference in color transition in these two different techniques.

Vikki shares: Made a couple more pairs of Duke City fingerless gloves. Still using my hand spun held double and holding one strand of llama yarn for each pair of gloves.The pair on the left, natural coloured marled yarn and to the right, dark grey llama yarn.I am really enjoying playing with colour blending while knitting…. I think I can I could make these all year!

Megan shares: Just had to share, I finished my combo spin … really happy with how it turned out. I’ve not done any of the final measurements yet, other than my happiness level (high)!

Thank you so much for joining me today!

Until then, Happy Spinning!

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