welfordWEAVES // February 4

This week on welfordWEAVES, we chat about the different Master Weavers programs out there, my own portfolio and creative growth, warping up for a Colour Gamp and more! #welfordWEAVES

Dear Weaving Circle,

Direct YouTube Link here – the Premier starts immediately @ 11am Pacific! Check it out!

This little vlog is a way to take the weaving updates off the podcast – not entirely – but just to somewhat contain them in a separate entity for those who are not weaving at this time. There is an insatiable thirst at the moment for weaving in my life and I’m excited to talk about it with others – but I can’t wax poetic about it on the podcast for hours and hours … even though I want to.

This week, I chat about the reasons for starting the portfolio weaving for Mastery. We discuss two programs, one test-based and one home-study based, the differences between the two and my reasons for pursuing them. Whether I submit for both is to be determined but I will finish one of them for sure!

I am in the middle of threading for the Colour Gamp, which I am hoping is a ‘quick win’ in the midst of a couple of very busy weeks. The OHS Unit 2 Virtual Group starts this week so I hope you will think about checking that out – link is here. Scroll down to Weaving Certificate Virtual Study Program

Until next time,

Happy Weaving, friends!

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