welfordWEAVES // ep. 7: overshot sampler

welfordWEAVES // ep. 7: overshot sampler | Premiering tomorrow at 12noon Pacific // 3pm Eastern — all about the overshot sampler I’ve been working through. Not done yet but here I am!

Dear Weaving Circle,

Our premier will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12th @ 12noon Pacific // 3pm Eastern

I’ve been working away on my overshot sampler from Patti Graver’s book, Next Steps in Weaving. At this point, about 2/3rds through the warp, I thought I would share with you where I’m at in the process! 

Direct YouTube Link.


New Key to Weaving by Mary Black 

The Weaver’s Book: Fundamentals of Handweaving by Harriet Tidball 

A Handweaver’s Pattern Book by Marguerite P. Davison 

Next Steps in Weaving by Patti Graver

Note that some of these books are getting harder and harder to find to scour your local 2nd hand book stores and loom sales! What was a great tip you got when you were first starting out learning to weave overshot?

Please share below!



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