WnS Ep. 244: Sweater Progress (Afterparty & Wool n’ Honey)

WnS Ep. 244: Sweater Progress (Afterparty & Wool n’ Honey) | catching up after some time away – supported spindling, Xs & Os coasters, Afterparty & Wool n’ Honey knits … whew! Lots to share! #woolnspinning

Dear Spinning Circle,

Direct YouTube link here.

For May, I asked you what you were most proud of in your making – Amanda Longmoore commented: This is a great question for me, I tend to be hard on myself and if someone asks me what I’m proud of, my first instinct is to try to change the topic or downplay what I’m doing. So… I guess I would say that as a fairly new spinner, I’m most proud of each new skill I learn and each skein of yarn I create, right now that’s my first 3-ply fractal that I just keep staring at. I’m still at the stage where I look at yarn I’ve made and can’t believe I made it.

For June, let me know what the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your making has been! Leave comments on Patreon please – follow the show notes links!

Thank you for being here today, especially those who were able to make it to the Live Stream. I appreciate your time spent here in this place with me. You are most welcome. I hope you feel most welcome because you are welcome here.

Enjoy the show!

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There is a lot going on in our community! Ketchup & Pickles for February 2022 here.

If you are curious about what happens in our community, please click the links below, reach out to me: rachel @ welfordpurls (dot) com, or Instagram/Ravelry/Slack (for Patreon members, @welfordpurls_admin)

Spindle Spun Stitches

Long-Term Goal: To Spin for a Sweater

Sarah Elizabeth Fibre Works Cormo // Processed by Kingdom Fleece & Fiberworks – supported spindle spun

On & Off the Bobbins

Webs Organic Polwarth – Majacraft Suzie 27:1, Continuous backwards

On & Off the Needles

In Progress – Knitting

Wool and Honey by Andrea Mowry – Disdero Ranch Copaca (camel colour) – Corriedale & Alpaca blend (80/20) – 3.00mm // US 2.5

Afterparty by Astrid Troland – Cascade 220 Heathers 9634 & 9692 – 4.5mm // US 7

Community Inspiration // Participation

Thank you so much for joining me today!

Until then, Happy Making!

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