The Wool Circle | Introducing Rebecca!

The Wool Circle | Introducing Rebecca! | Many have asked to be introduced to Rebecca to see what she’s doing on The Wool Circle – here’s a chance to see a montage of her work to date! #thewoolcircle

Dear Spinning Circle,

As many of you know, Rebecca has taken the reins of The Wool Circle, our bi-monthly stream on Monday mornings, and has been showcasing her skills around sampling and creating amazing yarn!

Direct YouTube link here 

I introduced Rebecca at the end of August to all of you, espeically those who were newer to the community and hadn’t met her from previous Wool n’ Spinning Radio episodes and a previous podcast episode from 2020. 

For the introduction to Rebecca joining me here at Wool n’ Spinning, please catch up on Episode 249: Welcoming Rebecca! Cormo Spin & More! August 2022’s Ketchup & Pickles post featured several posts in which Rebecca has appeared, including a past episode, Wool n’ Spinning Radio and more:

I wanted to put together a short video to share some of what she’s been working on with you over the past few months! This gives a taste of The Wool Circle and please ask questions down below!

Thank you to Rebecca for all she has done thus far & I hope you are looking forward to a New Year packed with spinning goodness!


Rachel & Rebecca

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