The Wool Circle | BONUS Episode 83 | Intro to Year of Colour (Part I) with Katrina

The Wool Circle | BONUS Episode 83 | Intro to Year of Colour (Part I) with Katrina | This is an extra episode that EVERYONE is invited to to introduce our year of colour! We hope you will join us in the Premier tomorrow morning! #thewoolcircle #woolnspinning #livestream

Dear Spinning Circle,

Rebecca here, to share an introduction to the Wool Circle’s part of the Year of Colour

Premier: Monday, December 26th @ 10am Pacific / 12pm Central / 1pm Eastern / 6pm GMT – Everyone is invited!

This is the first in a 2-part series for Wool Circle members that features Katrina Stewart (of Crafty Jaks Boutique) and I in an interview on … you guessed it! … COLOUR! In a BONUS episode tomorrow, Monday, December 26th, I will be chatting with Katrina about all things colour. 

I hope you choose to tune in – choose The Wool Circle tier on Patreon to join for our Part II episode. As well, an exciting announcement: Wool n’ Spinning Radio will return in January – stay posted for more! 


I am a planner, and I know some of you like to plan too, so I thought you might like to have an idea of what’s coming next, and how you can get ready to participate if you so choose.

To reiterate, the materials you will need to work along through our exercises over the next three months are:  – A pair of hand carders

– Some dyed fiber, dyed in solid or semi-solid colours. (Try to include at least one pair of complements.) (links below)

– Some white fiber and black fiber

For the dyed fiber, there are lots of ways to choose which dyed fiber to use. Your stash is your friend! Think about what colours you want to learn more about as you begin your journey. Start with the primaries, or choose a few hues that you like.

If you are looking to purchase fiber, I cannot personally recommend any sellers, as I have not used them (the fiber I am using was a destash)! However, I would say this: You don’t have to go crazy. Find someone selling a sample pack with several hues you like, or buy a few versions of each primary from an a-la-carte seller on Etsy. One things I have learned already is that when it’s a learning journey, you can’t plan all the way to the end from the beginning, because you genuinely don’t know where you’re going to end up! So, think of it as choosing a starting point.

Happy New Year, and Happy Spinning!


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