Wool n’ Spinning Radio, ep. 0089: WELCOME BACK! with Rachel & Rebecca

Wool n’ Spinning Radio, ep. 0089: WELCOME BACK! with Rachel & Rebecca | Welcoming back everyone to the audio podcast; chatting about our year in review & Year of Colour 2023! #handspinning #woolnspinningradio

Dear Spinning Circle,

We have a very exciting announcement to make! Wool n’ Spinning Radio is back! I had placed the audio podcast on hold back in June but the idea of continuing had been percolating in my mind throughout the summer. With Rebecca coming on board, all of a sudden it felt manageable again!

Thank you to all of my previous guests that I have welcomed onto the show – it was wonderful to spend time with you and hear about your creative process. We might be reaching out again as we re-launch the show!

Rebecca and I kick-start this episode with a look back at 2022 and hear from Rebecca about her year-long Sock Colour SAL that she hosted in the community. I really like the idea of having a smaller ALONG with everyone, based on a specific learning outcome around socks – about a yarn structure, colour management, fibre blend, etc. that would last a set amount of time. Let me know in the comments what you think! 

Wool n’ Spinning Radio is available on all your favourite podcast feed collectors — Spotify, Apply Podcasts, Google Podcasts & Amazon Music. Super Exciting! 

Spotify here ; Apple Podcasts here ; RSS feed here 

Please allow a couple of days for the podcast to appear on Amazon Music / Audible and Google Podcasts.

For those who haven’t met Rebecca before, find out more on The Wool Circle Index here & find Rebecca Osborn here.

From there, we talked about challenges that came up in the year and finally, we introduce our Year of Colour! We talk about remaining nimble to be able to pivot, as well as spend more time on things as we need to. 

Our Year of Colour will begin with a couple of months on theory with Rachel and building our personal Colour Wheels with Rebecca. There seems to be three ways that people in our community are interacting with colour at this time:

  • Dyeing
  • Blending
  • Managing colour (ie. in handpainted braids, combing colours in knitting/weaving, or other ways of engaging in colour)

Rachel will be putting out calls to the community each month for help with sampling and showing these different concepts in our handspun yarns – if you are interested, be sure to watch the Slack Channel (channel @spinningpurls) and Ravelry group (thread here) for more. 

See you next month with an interview with Rachel’s mom, Janet! We can’t wait!

Things we talked about on this episode:

  • Spinning Staples Virtual Group here 
  • Queries & Explorations Virtual Group here 
  • Sock Colour SAL – Ravelry thread here 
  • Rachel’s How I Spin: A Sock Study here (PDF)
  • Color in Spinning by Deb Menz here 
  • ColorWorks by Deb Menz here 

Music: Felicity by Scott Buckley – scottbuckley.com.au

Happy New Year!


Rachel & Rebecca

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