Combo Draft Progress, Newspaper FO & Mandolin Cast-on | Wool n’ Spinning, ep. 270

Combo Draft Progress, Newspaper FO & Mandolin Cast-on | Wool n’ Spinning, ep. 270 | Lots of chatter about my current work in progress, demo-ing carding together mutliple strips of fibre for combo-drafting & finished sweater! #woolnspinning #useyourhandspun

Dear Spinning Circle,

Welcome to another stream! Also, Happy Canada Day & Fourth of July for those in North America!

The end of the podcast was cut off but if you like to watch the LIVE CHAT, follow this link, otherwise, here’s the uploaded version:


Community News

Wearing in Today’s Show: Starlight Knitting Society t-shirt, Portland, OR

Attune Shawl Along & Tour de Fleece/de Fleece Femmes:

  • Attune Shawl Along Ravelry Thread here
  • Tour de Fleece/de Fleece Femmes Ravelry Thread here
  • Download and save the thumbnail below for your Avatar on Ravelry, Instagram & Slack if you are participating in the Tour this year:

Ask Anything

Had some good questions surface in our Ask Anything thread on Ravelry again:

1. Hi there! Is there room on the board for a 2023 Zero to Hero thread? I’ve wanted to participate even before I learned to spin… I’ve got a couple of Zero to Hero projects in the beginning stages.

  • We decided to take a break from Zero to Hero this year, we we’d done it a lot over the years and had other things we wanted to focus on instead. Might bring it back next year and thank you for your interest! In the meantime, share any fibre preparation in the Fibre Prep thread.

2. How do folks keep their skeins so nice looking after washing? I like to snap and thwack my skeins while they’re wet, and it seems like every time I do this, I mess with some of the loops in the skein. I’ve tried snapping it between my hands again after washing to even it back out, but it doesn’t seem to help much. Maybe I should be tying the skein more tightly in the first place?This is an example of what I mean. I tried to hide the worst of it for the picture, but you can still see a little of the wonkiness. (from Lauren)

More to come next show! There are some great questions popping up. If you have a question, head over to this thread here.

On & Off the Bobbins

Spindling (#spindlespunsummer)

FatCatKnits – Falkland in London Fog, 6oz total (spinning first 2oz at present); divided in nests and just randomly spinning, Turtlemade & Bosworth spindles so far (Ravelry Project Page here)

Crafty Jaks Boutique Rolags – Organic Polwarth & Sari Silk; Mirkwood Support Spindle (Ravelry Project Page here)


SweetGeorgia Yarns Polwarth + Silk, in “Tea Party”, “Woodland”, “Grouse”; not original idea – spun this yarn for Dye to Spin and Knit by Felicia Lo (Ravelry Project Page here)

Kainuu Harmaa from Amber; lock pop to open the locks, then carded, spun continuous backwards with gentle smoothing; Lendrum DT, 2-ply (Ravelry Project Page here)

On & Off the Needles


Mandolin Cardigan by Amy Christoffers – Disdero Ranch CVMco Worsted, colour green (dyed in the wool), 4.5mm / 5.5mm needles (US 7 & 9) {Ravelry Project Page here}

  • Ripped Catbells due to size – had changed the stitch counts to make a slightly smaller size but was still oversized
  • Strain on my hand with knitting the yarn at the tighter gauge was too much
  • Decided I’d knit that cardigan twice already and wanted to make something new!

Finished Knitted Objects

Newspaper (Pullover) by Joji Locatelli – Gathering Yarn Brook Farm Fingering in Dark Brown & Coral, 3.00mm needles {Ravelry Project Page here}

Community Inspiration // Participation

As always, thank you to those who share in the community, uploading photos and thoughts about what you are working on! I appreciate it – it’s my pleasure to be able to share!

Thank you so much for joining me today!

Until then, Happy Making!

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