Plying Island, Kainuu Harmaas, Prepping Dorset & Amalia Cardi Cast-on | Wool n’ Spinning, ep. 273

Plying Island, Kainuu Harmaas, Prepping Dorset & Amalia Cardi Cast-on | Wool n’ Spinning, ep. 273 | Jam-packed show today with finished yarn bananza! Combo spin & Kainuu Harmaa spins finished; swatching & casting on Weekender Light; Amalia cardigan pivot & more!

Dear Spinning Circle,

Welcome to another stream! We have a mountain of things to cover today – I have been experiencing castonitis, startitis and all the -itis of a fast-approaching Fall, feeling inspired and fresh.

Live Stream: Tuesday, August 22nd @ 10am Pacific / 12noon Central / 1pm Eastern / 6pm GMT

Direct YouTube Link here

Community News
  • School of SweetGeorgia Spinning Luxury Fibres: Goats & Rare Workshop release here
  • Previous Episodes re. Combo-Spinning here and here (preparing the fibre), spinning the fibre here
  • Suspended Spindling demonstration here of FatCatKnits Falkland – Bosworth spindle-spun
  • Recent Tutorial on how to use Ravelry & Slack – requests were made for help!
SweetGeorgia Combo-Spin – video tutorials of how this yarn was created are included in Epsiode 269, 270 & 272 (linked above)
Attune Shawl Along
  • Attune Shawl Along Ravelry Thread here
  • FO Thread here – share your finished shawls for prizes!
Ask Anything

Ravelry thread here to ask questions, bounce ideas & comment

On & Off the Bobbins


SweetGeorgia Yarns Polwarth + Silk, in “Tea Party”, “Woodland”, “Grouse”; not original idea – spun this yarn for Dye to Spin and Knit by Felicia Lo {Ravelry Project Page here}

  • Swatching for Weekender Light by Andrea Mowry; 3.5mm (US 7) needles

Kainuu Harmaa from Amber; lock pop to open the locks, then carded, spun continuous backwards with gentle smoothing; Lendrum DT, 2-ply {Ravelry Project Page here}

Kainuu Harmaa (Kainuu Grey) Finnish wool, spun, washed & skeined

Spindling (#spindlespunsummer)

  • Ongoing throughout the summer until the Autumnal Equinox – be sure to share your progress!


Dorset Fleece – from Fleece Auction Summer 2019

Exploring Sheep Fleece | Spinning Purls Vlog here

  • Sampled by creating a 3-ply yarn to see where to go from here
  • Lock popped open, then combed
  • Used Peter Teal’s approach to combing – 6ml water : 6ml oil
  • Spun as singles: Majacraft 27:1
    • Thought I was putting way too much twist into the yarn!
    • Chain-plied – Perfect post washing!
    • Next step – swatch
Lock popping Dorset Fleece
On & Off the Needles


Trinigan by Andrea Mowry – Three Waters Farm & unlabelled Falkland combo spin {Ravelry Project Page here} with Gathering Yarns Haynes Creek Heathers DK in 411 Pink; 3.5mm & 4.00mm (US 6 & 7) needles {Ravelry Projects Page here}

Amalia Cardigan by Shiny Super Hero – combination of many yarns from my stash in fingering weight; intarsia method of construction; 4.5mm (US 7) needles {Ravelry Project Page here}

Community Inspiration // Participation

As always, thank you to those who share in the community, uploading photos and thoughts about what you are working on! I appreciate it – it’s my pleasure to be able to share!

Thank you so much for joining me today!

Until then, Happy Making!

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