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Breed & Colour Study: Dorset Horn

Dear Spinning Circle ~ It's that time of year again! Another Breed & Colour Study is set to go-live next week! We started sharing photos in the thread in Ravelry and Katrina continues to look through it to see what you guys have been posting. A community member, Charlette (@carlota), posted this photo, which we… Continue reading Breed & Colour Study: Dorset Horn

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Episode 113 Live: Rolags, Combing & Handspun Weaving

Thank you for joining us this week! Welcome to new and returning viewers - I appreciate you being here! Thank you for the ongoing support to our patrons of the show - you keep the show alive month after month. This week, we had some technical difficulties at the beginning and I appreciate you for… Continue reading Episode 113 Live: Rolags, Combing & Handspun Weaving

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CraftyJAKS: February 2019 // Rambouillet

Last month, we discussed being pushed outside our comfort zone with fibre. This month, we are going to discuss comfort-zone pushing when it comes to fibre preparation. How often do we tend to spin the same preparation because we love the finished yarn we achieve time and again? Do you always prep from raw fleece… Continue reading CraftyJAKS: February 2019 // Rambouillet

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[handspun] Hallowe’en toque

I haven’t shared a finished objects post in a long time because most of the knitting I’ve been doing recently has been for the show. This project started last year while I was on a retreat weekend with some really good friends. I had made the batt before leaving for Hallowe’en and thought as I… Continue reading [handspun] Hallowe’en toque

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Episode 99B: Indigo Afternoon & Travel Knitting

Welcome to another episode of Wool n' Spinning -- this time a bit of a step back in time to some shenanigans that happened in July. In terms of watching in order, this episode fits perfectly between Episode 99 and 100 but it is being released after Episode 101 as a sort of late bonus… Continue reading Episode 99B: Indigo Afternoon & Travel Knitting

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Episode 99 Live: Sock Yarn, Sparkle & Rolags

The post that was associated with this live stream didn't post properly and I didn't realize until after the show was over. Only a few were notified that the live stream was starting in the Slack channel. I'm very sorry! There will be another Live Stream at the end of the month and I will… Continue reading Episode 99 Live: Sock Yarn, Sparkle & Rolags

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sampling through knitting handspun socks

This post has been a long time in the writing - it was kind of abandoned after I finished each pair of socks because I was so burned out on them! Regardless, I hope you enjoy reading about this adventure from last year! These socks coincided with a lot of sock knitting for the book,… Continue reading sampling through knitting handspun socks