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Epic Cloth, Pt 1 (dream): Handwoven Scout Tee

Over the past couple of years, my goals for making have changed and evolved. The intersection between creativity and practicality has increasingly affected how I view my making. But if I'm being honest with myself, the balance between 'making just to make' and pushing myself to learn, grow and labour has difficult to strike. A… Continue reading Epic Cloth, Pt 1 (dream): Handwoven Scout Tee

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asymmetrical tea towels (Pt II): weaving, finishing and pressing

This project was supposed to be a multi-part chronicle but in the end, I just didn't have it in me to blog a ton about the ins and outs of this project. Emotionally, I didn't have it in me with the events happening in our family and then voila! They were done. In some ways,… Continue reading asymmetrical tea towels (Pt II): weaving, finishing and pressing


sewn: Ann Carolyn Smock

If you have been listening to makerRadio, you may have heard me talking about the idea of a Daily Uniform or Daily Handmade Wardrobe. The idea is very similar to a capsule wardrobe with a bit of a twist. An ‘ah-ha’ moment occurred one afternoon when I was listening to a thought my sister-in-law was… Continue reading sewn: Ann Carolyn Smock

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restored weaving fail

I mentioned recently that I had a weaving disaster. It was my second project on my loom. I have been really worried from the time I decided to get a loom till now about making a mistake for two reasons: [1] It is a lot of yarn to ‘waste’ and [2] It is a lot… Continue reading restored weaving fail


Wiksten dress + tunic

I’m sitting here, feeling sorry for myself because I just had braces put on my bottom teeth today and my mouth is hurting a lot. Did it hurt this much when I was a teenager? I can’t remember but I’ve delivered two babies naturally, with no medication, and this maybe hurts more. I decided to… Continue reading Wiksten dress + tunic

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wine o’clock.

Last week I saw Lauren of the Lladybird blog had posted this finished cardigan. It was fantastic. And simple. And easy to sew. And I wanted a million immediately. I decided for my first one to make something that I wouldn’t care if it got ruined could wear camping, mucking around and playing with the… Continue reading wine o’clock.


a classic skirt.

I had a little bit of a teaser in my last post. If you looked at the photos closely, there was a navy blue skirt in a couple of them. While I am not working towards a completely handmade wardrobe because honestly I don’t have the inclination at this stage of my life, I have… Continue reading a classic skirt.