Spinner Spotlight

The Handspinner Spotlight is an opportunity for me to share with all of you some of the amazing handspinners out there in our community. It is an opportunity to see some of their work, as well as start to get to know a little bit about who they are and what brought them to spinning.

Each month, on the last Monday, a handspinner will be featured. If you know of someone in our community whom you think needs to be “Spotlighted”, please get in touch with me: rachel [at] welfordpurls [dot] com

Here’s a list of those spinners who have been highlighted thus far:

Rachael (January 2016)

Nina (February 2016)

Diana (March 2016)

Jessanne (April 2016)

Robin (May 2016)

Catrina (June 2016)

Tiffany (July 2016)

Janet (August 2016)

Tina (September 2016)

Dana (October 2016)

Katrina (November 2016)