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Colour & Breed Study: Oct 2017–March 2018

A few weeks ago, we started generating photos for our next colour and breed study. Over time, these studies have evolved and changed. When they first started, they were two distinct studies that ran concurrently but now, they are combined so that our conversations can be richer, our pocketbooks go further and we can study… Continue reading Colour & Breed Study: Oct 2017–March 2018

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A Combination Drafted Sample.

I’m just popping in to share with you a project that we made at our guild meeting this past week. I was exhausted, as I was incredibly short on sleep after a night shift on the weekend, and didn’t ply the sample at the meeting. Instead, I pulled out my knitting and watched as everyone… Continue reading A Combination Drafted Sample.

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Another Mix-Up

As you may have guessed, I absolutely love combo-spins. They are a wonderful way to shop from your stash and create new colours. These two braids have been in my stash for over a year and since Ancient Arts Yarns isn’t doing much dyeing on fibre anymore, I have been coveting the fibre. I kept… Continue reading Another Mix-Up

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A Mash-Up.

Remember I was prepping for a Hello Yarn combination spin with some roving I’d made on my drumcarder? And I did a little video of prepping for it? I’ve chatted about it on the vlog almost every week and then I was de-railed by having to send out my flyers and whorls to Schacht? After… Continue reading A Mash-Up.

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a YouTube habit-rabbit hole.

I've recently fallen into a bit of a bad habit again. Again because it's a similar habit that I fell into when I was first re-learning to spin back in 2014. Basically, I click on a video in my home page on the University of YouTube that peaks my interest and I let it play… Continue reading a YouTube habit-rabbit hole.

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grist :: it is kind of really important.

When spinners talk about grist, I think many of us glaze over. My knee-jerk reaction to grist is, “Well, that sounds serious,” and then subsequently beetle off and do something else. But grist is actually really important. For me, the main reason that the grist of a yarn is so important is that I can… Continue reading grist :: it is kind of really important.