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CraftyJAKS: May 2019 // Charollais

May has been a busy month so I decided to break down the gradient batt that Katrina prepared this month and spin the Charollais fibre end-to-end, with a little pre-drafting for smooth spinning, while working my way across the batt systematically. I have never had the pleasure of spinning Charollais before, although I have spun… Continue reading CraftyJAKS: May 2019 // Charollais

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Unbraided: PRE-ORDERS

Hi Everyone ~ Thank you for your kind comments and thoughts on my post about Charlotte. I deeply appreciated it and I know many of you have experienced loss of fur-babies. My heart goes out to you also. This post is kind of a big deal! Katrina of Crafty Jaks Boutique and I have some… Continue reading Unbraided: PRE-ORDERS

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Colour & Breed Study: Oct 2017–March 2018

A few weeks ago, we started generating photos for our next colour and breed study. Over time, these studies have evolved and changed. When they first started, they were two distinct studies that ran concurrently but now, they are combined so that our conversations can be richer, our pocketbooks go further and we can study… Continue reading Colour & Breed Study: Oct 2017–March 2018

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Breed & Colour Study: Gotland & Split Complement

These past 6 months, we have been exploring the breed Gotland in the Ravelry group, as well as the play of split complementary colour schemes on fibre. I think one of the biggest learning curves I experienced when I was a new spinner was how to manage and handle colour. The opportunity to explore different… Continue reading Breed & Colour Study: Gotland & Split Complement

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The Language of Love

Today is my son's 5th birthday! How has the time passed this quickly?! I hope you are celebrating something wonderful this summer, too! My dear friend Katrina recently released a line of yarn to honour her friend Ann, who is currently battling cancer and just finished receiving a round of chemo in the States as… Continue reading The Language of Love

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Spinner Spotlight: Katrina Stewart

The Handspinner Spotlight is an opportunity for me to share with all of you some of the amazing handspinners out there in our community. It is an opportunity to see some of their work, as well as start to get to know a little bit about who they are and what brought them to spinning.… Continue reading Spinner Spotlight: Katrina Stewart