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it’s not over until …

Remember back in November 2015 I took a weekend-long workshop at Maiwa in dyeing? Then I had a weekend of dyeing fun a few weeks later and created a gorgeous skein of hand-painted Romney in natural dyes. I was really proud of the saturation of colours I was able to achieve, based on some direction… Continue reading it’s not over until …

carding wool · fibre preparation · handspun · spinning · textured yarn · yarn

textured yarn on steroids.

Through out the month of February, I have been sharing my experiences learning about spinning textured yarns with you here on the blog. We started with a wee experiment and a Craftsy class, we moved onto a slightly larger skein in a 2 ounce batt from deep stash, then we explored thick and thin. Well,… Continue reading textured yarn on steroids.

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Episode 11.1 :: In Progress

The Wool n’ Spinning Podcast Episode 11.1 :: In Progress November 2015 Thank you for watching! This month’s videocast features a new segment called Tips & Techniques, a possible breed-a-long in the group, socks and a give away. I am a Craftsy affiliate. This means that when you click on the Craftsy ad within my… Continue reading Episode 11.1 :: In Progress