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it’s not over until …

Remember back in November 2015 I took a weekend-long workshop at Maiwa in dyeing? Then I had a weekend of dyeing fun a few weeks later and created a gorgeous skein of hand-painted Romney in natural dyes. I was really proud of the saturation of colours I was able to achieve, based on some direction… Continue reading it’s not over until …

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Episode 18 :: Shawls & Fibre Prep Tools

The Wool n’ Spinning Podcast Episode 18 :: Shawls & Fibre Prep Tools March 2016 Thank you for watching! This week’s show features finished handspun knitting and a lot of talk about fibre prep tools that I currently use/own. I am a Craftsy affiliate. This means that when you click on the Craftsy ad within… Continue reading Episode 18 :: Shawls & Fibre Prep Tools

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Hand-pulled roving results.

My mom is a studio-trained artist with an honours Fine Arts degree. Growing up, and particularly in recent years, we have had many conversations about creating and inspiration for said creating. Recently, on a Woolful episode, Ashley’s guest mentioned that crafting is particularly satisfying because it uses both the left and right brain. In knitting,… Continue reading Hand-pulled roving results.

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a HUGE success.

I will be spinning from stash for most of the rest of the year (more on that later, unless you want to go watch the latest episode (7) of The Wool n'Spinning Podcast, where I talk about my new acquisitions!), which is a really good thing because I have been experimenting with making mini batts… Continue reading a HUGE success.