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CraftyJAKS: January 2019 // Herdwick

Updated: I added a prep video of how I managed the batt to get ready for spinning. This is to help spinners see the various ways we can manage our prep of different fibres. See below! One of the main reasons I love fibre clubs so much is because they push you outside of your… Continue reading CraftyJAKS: January 2019 // Herdwick

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Episode 99 Live: Sock Yarn, Sparkle & Rolags

The post that was associated with this live stream didn't post properly and I didn't realize until after the show was over. Only a few were notified that the live stream was starting in the Slack channel. I'm very sorry! There will be another Live Stream at the end of the month and I will… Continue reading Episode 99 Live: Sock Yarn, Sparkle & Rolags

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the new Fibre Club.

Before the end of June passes us by - where did this month go?! – I thought I would take a moment to chat about the new Fibre Club option here at Wool n' Spinning. There are a few spots left and these packs of fibre will always be mailed out in the middle of… Continue reading the new Fibre Club.

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a tiny dent.

This is a long way off from finishing as I have only spun the heathered grey-brown Merino locks, but I thought I would show you my progress anyhow. Remember my day with my friend Diana, washing fleece and locks? We had so much fun and I have been slowly making my way through the spinning… Continue reading a tiny dent.

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Hand-pulled roving results.

My mom is a studio-trained artist with an honours Fine Arts degree. Growing up, and particularly in recent years, we have had many conversations about creating and inspiration for said creating. Recently, on a Woolful episode, Ashley’s guest mentioned that crafting is particularly satisfying because it uses both the left and right brain. In knitting,… Continue reading Hand-pulled roving results.

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the mysticism of our craft.

There is a certain mysticism about washing fleece. At least there was to me as I entered the world of spinning yarn. I mean, I could (and did) watch YouTube videos, read books and blog posts, and talk to friends who had done it but until I actually took that leap myself, I felt that… Continue reading the mysticism of our craft.