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Part III: Sweater Fitting

This is the third part of series of posts that I’ve done this past couple of weeks on sweaters I’ve knit over the past year that never really got their own blog posts, and certainly didn’t really get any ‘time in the sun’ if you will. The first part is here and the second part,… Continue reading Part III: Sweater Fitting

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Part II: Those Ponchos

My friend, Jess, knit an amazing poncho recently and it looks AH-Mazing on her. Amazing. It suits her shape and silhouette perfectly. So I decided to knit on too! It totally felt like that moment on the playground when you’re little and you’re getting left behind for some reason, so you start jumping up and… Continue reading Part II: Those Ponchos

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Part I: Sweater Reflections

I’ve been knitting a lot of sweaters lately. Over the past couple of years, I haven’t spent much time sweater knitting. Instead, I’ve worked on shawls, cowls and socks. I’ve made a couple of poncho-style sweaters but for the most part, I’ve shied away from sweaters – particularly fitted sweaters. A few years ago, I… Continue reading Part I: Sweater Reflections

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A Sweater by Any Other Name …

A sweater is like life, you get nothing out of it that you don’t put into it. ~ Marilyn Monroe That pretty much sums up this sweater. It was a (cliché, I know) labour of love. I found spinning the yarn for it took longer than I’d expected and the knitting of said sweater was… Continue reading A Sweater by Any Other Name …

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Mammoth of a project. For real.

There is something very satisfying about clearing off the needles and finishing up projects that have languished a long time. One of those projects is this one but not because it was on the needles for eons, mostly it is because it took a long time to spin, ply and finish. This project lasted almost… Continue reading Mammoth of a project. For real.

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Episode 35 :: Socks

Thank you for joining me this week! I have a pair of handspun socks finished, as well as a fresh spin on my wheel. I also chat about a sweater that I started last week and have been blasting through! It’s quite a bit bigger than last week! To join the Ravelry group, head over… Continue reading Episode 35 :: Socks

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the aftermath.

It is difficult to write about this sweater because it has gone on for a very long time. I started this back in the fall with high hopes of finishing it quickly but I became distracted and put it aside. The final product has been a bit disappointing, which I think I have fixed but… Continue reading the aftermath.