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sweater knitting.

Over the years, I have knit many many sweaters*. And I've made tons of mistakes: Yarn too dense for a pattern, yarn knit at too dense a gauge, yarn knit at too loose a gauge, wrong pattern for yarn chosen, poor fit, sleeves too tight, sleeves too loose, yoke too shallow, yoke too deep, button band… Continue reading sweater knitting.

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mallard blue.

I am hooked on seamed sweaters. Like really hooked. They are brilliant. And so fast. I knit this in about 10 days! I’ve had this yarn languishing in the my stash, which was originally meant for a sweater for one of the men in my life. In the end, I just never ended feeling inspired… Continue reading mallard blue.

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Hyannis Hybrid.

This sweater has a little bit of a story behind it so rather than sharing all of that, all at once, in the finished post, I thought I would share a little with you this week. I saw this original sweater in Knitscene Fall 2015 and absolutely fell in love. Like I have to knit… Continue reading Hyannis Hybrid.