tiny tuna.

This is a very fast post to let you all know that James William was born on July 24 @ 1758hr, weighing 8lbs 8oz and measuring 55cm. The labour and delivery were excellent – I laboured with him for 9.5 hours and only had 28 minutes of active pushing. Thankfully, the damage was very minimal :)

Day 5

I knit this little toque for him back in February but wanted to wait to show it off till he arrived.

Pattern: Cable Baby by Pamela W Allen

Yarn: Shibui Staccato Sock in ‘60’s Kitchen’

Needles: 3mm DPNs

We are all doing really well at Day 5. He’s slept for about 3.5-4 hours each night thus far and breastfeeding has been going well – typical hiccups but the midwives are so on top of everything, it’s hard to blink before it’s ‘fixed’. Happy July!

8 thoughts on “tiny tuna.

  1. Congratulations to you both he's adorable!!Glad everything is going well and that delivery was good too, he was a good sized little lad ;)

  2. Thank you Kelly! Katy — I deleted your comment by accident! One handed comment moderation while nursing didn't work so well but thank you for your well wishes :)

  3. Happy Happy Happy news! Congratulations to you all and a huge welcome to "little tuna" … heeheehee … I love it.

  4. I don't check up on you for two days and look what happens! Congratulations Rock star! He's a cutie! Can't wait till I can squish those tiny cheeks!

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