I’m taking a quick moment while tiny tuna sleeps next to me to share a re-finished knit :) After much debate with myself, I decided to re-think the closure of the Truffle Cardigan/Jacket that I finished earlier this year. I didn’t like the closure that I created but figuring out a closure that would work was quite difficult.

Although I have knit many sweaters, I still find closures difficult. In some ways, I know what I don’t like. That said, I often don’t know if I’ll like the closure until I see it finished. Maybe this is why I often buy more than one set of buttons per sweater and waffle back and forth between which to choose? This sweater was no exception and has probably been the worst of any sweater I’ve knit.


Originally, the closure was completed like this with 4 snaps backing the buttons. The shawl collar, while my favourite thing about the sweater, created a challenge: How to close the sweater while keeping the integrity of the collar intact? As well, adding buttons that augment the sweater and would not detract from its features (i.e. cables, shawl collar, yoke, etc.).


Although the look of the finished front is okay, it was actually quite awkward to fasten while wearing. The heavy snaps weren’t as functional as I had hoped. As well, I was only lukewarm on the appearance. It just didn’t feel finished.


What to do? I decided to buy some new buttons – I found these leather ones at a local shop – and go from there.


The i-cord lengths create a military look that I think finishes the front of the sweater much better than the previous closures.


The heavy Donegal tweed lends itself to a closure like this as when it’s knit tightly in the i-cord (I used small needles to obtain a rigid cord), the fastening is sturdy and uncomplicated to close while wearing. I included a button on the wrong side of the right breast (opposite the top visible left button) to assist with the closure as well.


When the cardigan is left open, the i-cord just hangs. I didn’t sew it in place along the front ribbing. I’m still deciding if I’m going to do this – I like the look of the i-cord just hanging when it’s open. There’s something quite organic about it.


I wonder if I’m the only one who struggles with sweater closures? Is this something you find challenging or is there something else about sweater construction that is your Achilles heel?

Happy August knitting! Can you believe the summer is passing so quickly? M and I celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary this coming weekend – we both can’t believe how quickly this summer has gone … as well as 5 years of marriage! :)


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  1. Very impressed with your ingenuity. LOVE the look of the new closure.

  2. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! Have fun celebrating!I love the change you've made here. It lies perfectly. I find closures challenging, too. The potential pulling when it's a full-length button band, and the aesthetic of the top-closure. This looks like it was meant to be!

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