it’s official.

Remember my self-induced diaper sweatshop?

Well, he’s officially big enough for them now! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes :)

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  1. Ooh, I'm dying to hear how this is going. Don't laugh, but I was buying some PUL to make a baby gift for a friend and I ended up buying this book as well and trying it out. Super easy and cute! (Forward thinking, you know ;-D)I was very curious how the velcro you chose worked out when worn on an actual baby, lol.

  2. You'll have to let me know what you think about sewing it – I didn't mind it but it does a number on your machine – be prepared for major cleaning post! The book is so cute … Quite irresistible :) The diapers are working beautifully for us! I bought a diaper pail & throw them in there, then sprinkle a bit of baking soda over them to control the scent (although in the closed pail, they aren't smelly). Then when I wash them, I add about 2 tablespoons of baking soda with the HE detergent which gets them really clean & nice. I just hang the PUL utters t

  3. I just hang the PUL outsides to dry & throw the liners in the dryer. The PUL isn't good in the dryer apparently so anything to cut down on the dryer use. I'll keep you posted though :)

  4. That is awesome! So glad to hear they're working out for you after all that work.I found the sewing very straightforward. I'm not the fastest sewist around and I made my one little diaper in 2 hours – including reading the instructions, cutting, etc. I imagine once you know your way around the pattern and get an assembly line going it would be a totally achievable project. I am definitely, definitely doing this once we have little ones on the way. (Hopefully sometime not too far away!)I'm still on the fence about velcro vs. snaps…velcro seems more quick and husband-friendly (less fiddly), but I've heard lots of people swear by snaps. Are you happy with the way the velcro is working out?(My only concern with my sample was that the off-the-roll stiffer velcro was actually quite sharp-feeling, even from the inside of the diaper… but then I thought that perhaps it's moot because the insert extends high enough up the front to add padding between the velcro and baby? Is that correct?)

  5. I used both the soft Velcro & stiff off the roll stuff – I couldn't justify the cost of the snaps & thing to put them on due to what they were being used for. Because the Velcro doesn't touch babies skin, it hasn't been an issue re. soft versus stiff. I would make them the same way again :)

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