Fourteen in Twelve.

Happy New Year!

I hope the holidays have been wonderful thus far for you and your family/friends. We celebrated the new year in Tofino, our favourite place to go for quiet and restoration. Unfortunately, we had to cut the trip short and head home today (rather than Thursday) because tiny tuna came down with croup. He sounds worse than he is but after some sleepless nights, we decided to head home. The place we stay, though, put on quite an impressive fireworks show on Long Beach to ring in the new year and we were able to see it all from our ocean-front cabin. That was great!

While I was thinking about the year 2012, a few things came to mind that have defined the year:

  • Although our dear friend’s cancer returned (which he continues to battle), they celebrated each other & decided to get married,
  • We welcomed our first child into our family, and
  • After much trepidation, my brother & sister-in-law decided to try something new and move to Vancouver Island.

At the beginning of 2012, I set a goal for myself to knit twelve sweaters. Amazingly, I ended up knitting fourteen! This was partly due to the month off in June while tiny tuna continued to ‘cook’ and decided he wasn’t ready to be born!

I thought I would quickly reflect on each since I learned much this year about my knitting.

1. Gamine. I was so excited about this vest & knit it in a big frenzy. The buttons I chose for it though are too heavy … and I haven’t changed them yet so this hasn’t been worn as much as I had hoped. Lesson learned: Fix what you don’t like (if you can) as soon as possible!


2. Hooray. This is a super cute cardigan but I didn’t love it … right from the start. After wearing it a few times, I figured out why: It’s ever so slightly too small so I’m constantly pulling at it. Lesson learned: Knit with (+)ive ease! I prefer a slightly looser fit!

3. Tinder. I absolutely love this cardigan. I’ve worn it a ton – it’s pilling under the arms and I’ve had to shave it a few times. The change in gauge and size meant it was exactly what I wanted; therefore, I ended up loving the results!
photo 4
4. Truffle. Hmmm. I just love this jacket. It makes me feel warm and wonderful when I wear it. It’s incredibly warm, though! I’m also mad-proud of it as there were countless design elements that I had to work out and re-knit over and over. I learned an incredible amount from this jacket, including appreciating the pricelessness of a dress form!
5. Inuit Jacket (Drops 109-8). Again, I changed the pattern to work it up the way I envisioned. I love the results but it’s hot hot hot. Way to warm for an average day here in Vancouver … my favourite thing about this jacket/cardigan? The buttons and hood.
6. Audrey. This was a quick knit that I felt very inspired by at the time but I haven’t worn it. I’m not actually sure why. I love the yarn and the finished results … I just haven’t thought of it. Lesson learned: Figure out what I will wear something with/for before casting on! Yarn/cardigans sitting in the closet make a lot of work for naught.
7. Creature Comforts. This was tedious to finish – the cable chart felt like it was never going to finish but the results? Totally worth it! I love the finished project … although I haven’t worn it yet. I think mostly because I wear my Tinder so much!
8. Gathering Stripes. This pullover is super cute. But it’s way too big. I never took the time to sew the seams, either and I need to. Lesson learned: Finish things right away! Before I burn out on them (and move on to other projects!)!
9. Acer. By far my most favourite cardigan I have ever knit. The combination of yarn and pattern was just absolutely perfect. I’m thinking about making another one in 2013…
10. Abalone. This was all about stash busting. I held two yarns together to create a soft, grey-ish hue that compliments much of my wardrobe. It is a little too long – I think next time, I’ll shorten it by about 2”.
11. Atelier. Oooh this is such a beautiful pattern. The yarn was beautiful too. But for whatever reason, I just didn’t love the yarn knit up. It’s just too busy for me. I was sooo excited about this pattern too. Lesson learned: You can’t make yourself love something!
12. Woodstove Season. My first test knit ever! I love this cardigan. I wear it a lot – it’s warm and comfy. The yarn has held up really well thus far and I’ve actually bought some more that was on sale to make another worsted weight sweater I’ve had my eye on for a while.
woodstove season - front 3
13. Nanook. Love love love this sweater. I’ve worn it a ton. I will be making it again with a couple of changes: Mostly a little bit more room in the yoke. I like the boat-neck quality of mine but I think just a little more ease will suit my tastes.
14. Patrick’s Vest. This was a quick knit for my brother … who has lost weight and it’s now too big for him. Herumph. Thankfully, it still looks good and he’ll be able to wear it to muck around in!
In a lot of ways, while I love knitting sweaters, I think working on a few that I really love and wear is important at this time in my life. My time has become, as many new moms find, a bit of a precious commodity! What do I most want to spend my time making? Items for my family and myself that will be worn, used and loved. I hope your crafting adventures in 2012 were as enjoyable as mine.

Thank you for another wonderful year!

Cheers and many best wishes for 2013,

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  1. Happy New Year Rachel! I'm definitely inspired by your collection of 2012 sweaters. I've only knit a few for myself, ever, but I'm starting to learn the importance of larger projects that are fun to knit but also my style… Interesting to read your verdicts!

  2. I'm so happy that you stopped by my blog & commented as now I've found your wonderful blog. What an amazing accomplishment to knit so many beautiful sweaters in 2012 (while having a baby, no less!). We have such similar tastes – it's great to see your FOs.

  3. Same to you Evelyn and thank you!

  4. Thank you Laura and Happy New Year to you as well :)

  5. Nothing as satisfying as a productive year, and a dozen (or more!) beautiful, useful sweaters!

  6. I am astonished at how much you were able to knit with Tiny Tuna arriving this year as well! It makes me realize how much time I truly just waste. Amazing work!PS – off-topic, but I'm dying for a follow-up post about your cloth diapers now that you've been using them a while… what you like/don't like/would do differently. I'm planning on tackling that project sometime in the next year. (Er, not due to an immediate need or anything, it's just on our rough timeline :D)

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