My first sweater of 2013 – finished! And I’m only posting this now … I was distracted with other things like Opposite Pole. I actually started this back in September but I was distracted by other projects. I decided in early January to push through and finish it for our annual Tofino trip. Unfortunately, I did not finish it in time but that was ok – I have it for camping this summer.
Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in colour Brown Heather
Needles: 5.5mm for the body, 5.00mm for the ribbing
I was inspired by Kelly’s versions here and here. Both of hers turned out beautifully. And as others have noted, the pattern is great. Another easy-to-follow and clearly written pattern from Jane. I like that it is an item you can dress up or dress down. Old jeans? Definitely. Black jeggings and boots? Absolutely.
A small confession that I have to share with you, though, is that by the time I finished the yoke I was sick to death of plain old knit stitch. While I worked the body, I worked a simple right twist down each side. It just gave me a little sparkle to look forward to! Silly, I know.


  • lengthened body by 2.5”
  • lengthened sleeved by 1.5”
  • added 3 extra increase rows in the hip shaping to finish with the 40” bust size at the hip (too narrow for me in the 36” bust size at the hips)
I don’t think that pullovers are very flattering on me. I’m not very tall and I always feel, even when lengthened like this one, that they are boxy and shapeless on me. Even with the waist and hip shaping, I feel frumpy. What I really wanted a pullover like this one for is to wear with my down-filled vest and wellies when we are camping. Often I find myself wanting something warm and far-from-fitted when we are mucking about around the campfire and whatnot. I think this definitely will fill that bill!
How do you feel about pullovers? Do you have a good track record with them? Any favourite pullover patterns to share?

ps. I’m sorry for the two low quality photos – M was my photographer per usual and we had to use artificial lighting in some of the photos as it was getting too dark.

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  1. I like your little twist touch! I'm just finishing up a pullover myself – Erica Knits' Broadcast Sweater – and the cabled raglan is what's keeping me going through yards and yarns of seed stitch… I think yours looks so totally wearable – something I'm appreciating more and more in my knits.

  2. You do not look the least bit frumpy in a pullover! It looks great with a collared shirt or with your vest. If its anything like mine it will get a lot of wear.

  3. Thank you so much, Kelly! You're so kind :)

  4. I can't wait to see your Broadcast Sweater! The wearability is so important – I agree :)

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