A little bit of selfish.

I’m not actually sure where the time has gone – this ‘New Year’ is flying by in a bit of a blur. As of yesterday, I am officially 33 weeks pregnant and feeling every moment of it. Unfortunately baby is currently breech so we are navigating that with our midwives. I am part of a practice of 5 midwives and as a patient of the clinic, you see all of them many times before your labour. As it would happen (Murphy’s law!), with James I laboured with one of the new midwives who I had only met once. On paper, not an ideal situation but really, it didn’t end up mattering at all. You connect with your midwife because of the situation regardless of how well you know each other.

I digress though – we are going to have an ultrasound next week to confirm that yes, I am still breech (I know I am at this point, I can feel the kicking in my pelvis) and we will go from there. I’m not worried – we had a really good labour and delivery last time. I feel like we will cope well with whatever we decide to do or whatever the outcome.

Onto knitting – I have been doing a lot of toque knitting. It’s quite boring knitting but James has managed to lose a couple of toques and I have replaced them. I decided that before baby comes that I would look through my stash and do some selfish knitting. I cast on for the Channel Cardigan by Jared Flood. As soon as I had seen it when it was published, I fell in love but wasn’t sure I wanted to use Cascade 220, which is what I have in my stash at the moment (I ripped out the Rocky Coast Cardigan because I didn’t like the fit). I decided to swatch the moss stitch yesterday and see what I thought. I love the colour … so I decided to cast on.


I chose to learn something new – can you believe I haven’t ever done a tubular cast on?! I know. So glad I spent the time to learn how when I cast on the sleeve – it looks great and is nice and tight. It will definitely hold its shape.

What are you working on? How have you been? Happy new year!

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