pregnancy updates.

I have been thinking about the blog but I have nothing to share with you in terms of new projects! Last evening I thought, Maybe just a quick update would be good anyhow.

Life has been trucking along at a steady pace – do you find when things are ‘keeping on, keeping on’ that somehow life happens in the meantime? That’s how I’ve been feeling lately!

I’m officially 38 weeks pregnant – although now as I actually post this, I’m closer to 39 weeks. Sorry for the poor camera photo!

38 weeks

While this pregnancy has been difficult from an emotional and physical standpoint, I’ve enjoyed being pregnant again. We are excited about meeting baby, choosing a name and settling into our new life. I’ve carried this baby very similarly to J – same weight gain, cravings and difficulty sleeping. Pretty standard stuff, I think!

Between myself and my midwives, we have started to “encourage things along” due to my pelvic and nerve pain that’s in my right leg. Some days are better than others but overall it’s difficult to move. We are using some homeopathic medication, as well as some essential oils. Then tomorrow, I’ll start a tea. The nice thing about this approach is that if baby isn’t ready to come yet, nothing will happen. If baby says, Oh, OK. I’ll come a little early.then we’ll have a baby a little early!

I have knit a little baby toque for the hospital but I think it’s too big …

aviatrix pilot toque 2

…so I’m going to whip up another one tonight just for fun. I’ll share it with you ASAP.

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  1. You look great :) I know you can’t wait to meet the little one!

  2. ashley lund says:

    you look so great Rach! sorry to hear you aren’t feeling so hot- glad that you are almost nearing the end here! keeping my fingers crossed that you have an easy delivery and that the tea works! ;)

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