crazy starts.

I find it very challenging to knit for a baby when I don’t know the gender so with both of my pregnancies there was very little “baby” knitting. Once James was born, I cast on for the Chevron Baby Blanket, which he still takes with him to bed every nap and bedtime. I held finding weight yarn double on larger needles to create a light-weight woolen blanket. I still look at it and fall in love every time – it’s one of my favourite projects to date. I knew I would like to knit the same blanket for Baby No. 2 but not knowing the gender, I decided to wait.

So what would a rational person with a toddler (who wants to be outsideallthefreakingtime) do in April when it’s rainy, muddy and cold? Knit outside while watching said toddler play in the rain, mud and cold of course!


This is James tromping around in his Tuffo suit. He’s actually laughing as he’s walking through the mud but of course pictures don’t have sound bites so you can’t hear it :)


Norah is wrapped up right in a Baby Bjorn on me while I start her blanket!


I know. Crazy. What crazy things have you been doing lately?!

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  1. heheh That suit is perfect for mud stomping :)

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