Episode 5 :: Rebranding & Spinning Punis.

The Wool n’ Spinning Podcast

May 2015 :: Rebranding & Spinning Punis

New name, same old podcast! The Wool n’ Spinning Podcast will remain monthly, just as my {videopurls} were. It will also remain spinning focused!

There aren’t any show notes this month as I didn’t really talk about anything that’s not easily found through Google or Ravelry. If you are having trouble finding something, please leave a comment and I will share the links. Also, if you have any questions about spinning techniques, how I do certain things or anything else, PLEASE PLEASE ask in the comments! I would love to address some of your questions about spinning in future episodes.

For the tutorial on spinning punis-style rolags on a drop spindle, skip to 14:03 minutes.

Thank you for watching!

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Happy Spinning & see you in June :)

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