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Have you ever had one of those projects that you doubted yourself all the way through? This was one of those. I wasn’t sure I wanted a blended 3-ply, but I wasn’t sure I wanted a chain-ply either. I wasn’t sure if I would want a 2-ply or singles. I ultimately decided to go with my default favourite yarn, which is a blended 3-ply. I’m not sure it was the right decision but the result is pretty none-the-less! Here is a photo of the original hand-dyed top, which I don’t often show and always think later that you might be interested to know what it started out as:


Then spinning in progress:



For all of its simplicity, I love the Lendrum Lazy Kate. I’ve heard mixed reviews in person and on Ravelry but honestly? I think there’s something really nice and simple about a Kate that is so … simple! (for lack of a better word!)


Fibre :: Three Waters Farm {Etsy link} Merino (80%) + Tussah Silk (20%)

Colourway :: Spring Broomsedge

Yarn :: traditional 3-ply, 378 yards, 4oz


I have been struggling with plying on the Lendrum. I’ll be honest, I like one big skein of yarn when I am finished plying. I don’t like having two smaller skeins. It is definitely easier to keep track of in my stash, rather than looking for multiple skeins. Mostly, though, I really love the meditative rhythm I get into when plying. The Jumbo/plying head that comes with the Lendrum complete is great … but it’s too slow. The ratios aren’t high enough for what I want. This is totally the advantage to whorls that screw on versus being built into the flyer itself. But what to do?!


I’m really torn between buying a Woolee Winder for the Jumbo flyer since it has a 19:1 ratio option on it – that would help immensely with these fine fibres I love to spin. Or … buying a second wheel for the purpose of plying. Does that sound completely outrageous?! It does, however, there is a little money tucked away from some family ‘stuff’ over the past number of years that is just for me so I’m thinking about it.


Therefore, my question to you all is this: If money were absolutely no problem, What is your dream wheel?

Happy Spinning :)

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  2. Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. This is beautiful – love the blended 3 ply look. Before I knew that we were to avoid barber-poling, that feature was (still is) my favourite part of hand-spun yarn. So, I have a quick question about the Lendrum. What was your main draw to it? Have you used it for anything art yarn like?

    I am thinking of a 2nd wheel and have a Schacht. It’s more a want than a need but would like to try art yarns and it seems like a great wheel for this. Other than the smallish regular bobbin size (is it smaller than other wheels?), do you love it otherwise? Not sure I need to buy anything else but would love to hear more about it!

    Thx! Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa — thank you! Yes, I love the barber pole effect too – it’s so neat :) So, I have had a Kromski Minstrel (which if you follow me, you know) which I found really annoying from a tensioning standpoint. I really liked that the Lendrum uses the polymer band, rather than a cord of twine, as there is no adjustment to be made (unlike with the Kromski that used antique tensioning where you adjust both the drive band tension AND scotch tension brake band). I miss the double drive capability of the Kromski and have been looking at a matchless for this reason but due to our Canadian dollar, I am holding off for the foreseeable future. I personally love Schacht and have spun on their wheels, however, in terms of comparability, I think the Lendrum is a really good value for money due to receiving the three flyers, lazy Kate and bobbins. The regular bobbins are fine for typical storage. I can get more into Ashford bobbins but who can’t?! The Lendrum is very intuitive to use, sturdy and well made, and I personally was drawn to it because it’s Canadian made. Lastly, when I think to the future of my personal wheel “fleet”, lots of spinners have both a Schacht (usually matchless or ladybug) and a Lendrum, or one of those two and a Hansen. That seems to be really typical!! In terms of art yarn, it definitely has the capability with the jumbo flyer’s orifice, ratios and room on the jumbo bobbin. I’ve done a small amount of core spinning (it’s not my favourite but am hoping to practice more) and it was great. Does that help?!

  4. I spin singles on my Majacraft Rose and I ply on my Minispinner with woolee winder. I really like that set-up and feel it gives me the best of both worlds.

  5. Thank you Rachel! Yes, that helps. It seems many spinners mix brands, but I wondered about this since bobbins aren’t interchangeable. I love my Matchless and can’t say enough but I don’t have much to compare to. I learned on a Ladybug and really loved that too so considered that or Sidekick for a 2nd wheel. However wanted something different. I love that it is Canadian too. I am not on the e-spinner bandwagon yet but I can see the appeal for sure and it sounds great for plying. Haven’t tried the Ashford either. So many wheels, so many options! Good luck with your decision. Did you ever make it to Salt Spring or source any of their fibre? I’m here for the summer and know some of the farmer’s and spinners if you need any contacts.

    1. Hi Lisa — I thought I would reply again on my PC this time so that I can type out a couple more thoughts I had this morning. I thought about the Sidekick as well due to the portability and weight, the fact that I would like to move into a Matchless eventually, so everything would be compatible HOWEVER, when I compared the Lendrum side by side to the SIdekick, in my very humble opinion, I felt that for pricing and quality, the Lendrum was superior. I felt that the Sidekick relied much on it’s appearance and the teal plastic polyform wheel than anything and in CAD it’s about $1200. I love the look of the wheel but the Lendrum actually weighs the exact same amount – they are both 13lbs and the Canadian, sustainable source of 100% maple that Gord uses … I couldn’t dent that the Lendrum was the winner (for me). Also, I am in the process of acquiring a Merlin Tree Roadbug, hence the Ashford bobbin comment. I’ve spun on three Ashford wheels – they are sturdy, quality wheels. I have heard and I’m not sure how accurate this is that Ashford really only deals with their wholesalers now so if you have a problem, even a simple one, you go through whomever you bought it from, rather than Ashford themselves, which can take time. Lastly, we haven’t made it to Saltspring yet … life got in the way … but I’ll be in touch when we are planning. Hoping the Fall!

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