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This combo spin has been hanging out on my wheel(s) for a while … just being done as I want to work on it.


Combo Spin :: Spunky Eclectic Polwarth in October 2014 Fibre Club “Hungry” & Leading Men Fibre Arts Merino in Steve + Andy





I have a lot of handspun yarn now that is starting a cause me a bit of anxiety as I don’t like having a large stash – I prefer to have yarns that are constantly changing and being knit and used. Then I can add new yarns and fibre as I am inspired since the fibres I like to work with change over time. I’m tempted to learn how to weave since it uses so much yarn* but I don’t think taking that on right now is very realistic.

*I have always talked about learning to weave since I was young. I grew up hearing about a friend of my mom’s and her tapestry weaving, which just caught my attention and imagination. I have a dream about having a floor loom. One day! And I fully intend on finding a smaller rigid heddle loom once the kids are in school.

These two braids of fibre were acquired back last year and have sat in my stash for a while. I knew right away that I was going to combo-spin them but I wasn’t sure how. I finally decided a couple of weeks ago because I’ve been working on adding more and more air to my yarns. I thought this would be a great starting point for spinning from the fold, tip of my finger forward. It’s creating slightly fuzzy, light singles that thus far aren’t breakable but are definitely more fragile than worsted-spun singles. I’ve been doing so much worsted lately that this has been a nice, fresh breath of air.

I’m finished the first bobbin of just the Leading Men Merino but I ran out of room on my bobbin for all 2.6oz so I switched to spinning on the Hansen Jumbo Flyer for the rest. It was going really well on the Lendrum but it’s going really well on the Hansen – it is a dream to spin woollen on! I’m not completely sure why this is but I think it has something to do with the amount of twist the wheel can put into the yarn versus the slightly quicker uptake.

More bobbin photos soon!


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  1. It looks beautiful! Any thoughts as to what you want to use it for?

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