Thank you for being here today, especially those who were able to make it to the Live Stream. I appreciate your time spent here in this place and me. I hope you feel most welcome because you are welcome here.
 Last episode, I mentioned that I haven’t been able to develop some of the content that I was hoping to for the Fall for a variety of reasons. That said, one of the things I wanted to develop was a weekly live stream that would occur at the same time each week, on the same day and chat about how I am going about building a Capsule Wardrobe. This has been on my mind since my kids were born and has continued to grow. For more on this new Wool Stream, please have a read through this blog post here. In a nutshell, these bi-weekly streams will occur at the same time (Tuesday mornings) and we will explore building, curating, making & maintaining a capsule wardrobe … wish me luck! It might take 10 years but it will be worthwhile!
As we move into Fall, I wanted to mention that the content will drip out more slowly throughout the month. Rather than your inbox being flooded with Wool n’ Spinning content on the first of every month, I will be sharing it more slowly over the course of the month. For those at the top tiers, you will be receiving content or Live Streams EVERY WEEK throughout the month! That’s really exciting! 

Breed & Colour Studies
We have 1 Month left in our current study & Katrina, Becca and I sat down and recorded our final reflections for Breed & Colour Studies in Wool n’ Spinning Radio for September. Watch out for that episode in you podcast app or grab the episode from Patreon directly. 

Works in Progress

Sparks of Grey by Melanie Berg – Ravelry project page here
  • Started as a project that I could work on at the bedside while we were in hospital with my dad but because he was on isolation, I wasn’t able to work on it and it all happened too fast anyhow
  • Had wound this yarn for a project I had intended to bring on our Yukon trip but never brought because it wasn’t quite the right fit
  • Handspun mill ends from SpinCycle Yarns in October 2014, had bought from Knit City that year
  • Stashed commercial yarn for the white

Finished Objects

Organic Polwarth, ~500 yards/100 grams by Smith & Ewe
  • Lendrum DT, ratio 17:1
  • Fine singles, 3-ply
  • Grist ~2351YPP, light fingering
  • Ravelry handspun page 


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Unbraided – EBOOKS available here & book orders can be made here
Maker Mornings to Celebrate our Three (!!) Year Anniversary
  • For more, please head to this post on Patreon for dates & times
  • All patrons are invited to join us this summer as we explore some of my making together in a Live Stream
  • Currently, we are working towards meeting this goal on Patreon to make these a regular part of our months – think of this as a taster!
51 Yarns SAL this month is all about Grazing the Hillside in the form of spinning in the grease and preparing our own fibre for spinning. The monthly vlog can be found here and the Thoughtful Spinner can be found here
How I Spin this month is exploring the Dorset kit that Katrina prepared for those who wanted to prep their own fibre. It is all about hand-pulled roving, which might be my absolute most favourite thing to spin! The vlog can be found here and the in-depth PDF can be found here
Support the Show for small business owners – information on the blog and/or email me directly for more.


Natural Wool Stole
  • 4 yard warp; 24 inches wide with ~1.5 inch draw-in
  • Using a combination of wools – blogged here
  • Running out of natural grey weft … using up warp yarns in weft to stretch weaving slightly more and work in the grey between the alternating warp yarns
Thank you so much for joining me today! We’ve had a very long show and I hope you enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing some of you next week in our next Stream – I hope you are able to join us.
Until then, Happy Spinning!

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