Ketchup & Pickles | July 2021

What is Ketchup & Pickles?

It came from my son, James, actually! He told me it is a chance to ‘catch-up’ and play (pickles).

Read on for all the things going on in the community so that you can catch-up with everything, learning and experimenting, and sprinkle in lots of play along the way!

Dear Spinning Circle,

“Being with llamas and alpacas is truly the closest you can come to knowing a unicorn and still stay in this world” (Newland, 2020).

July takes us into a new month of spinning a new type of luxury fibre: The Camelids. We start off with a deep-dive into spinning alpaca this month and that will springboard us towards the next several months as we look at these interesting fibres and some blends, too!

At the beginning and end of all of our show notes, we often have links to information within the community. This can all be accessed through the Index, the Slack channel and Ravelry (for those who use that site).

In an effort to simplify, I thought I would post monthly the housekeeping links to keep the show notes a bit simpler and shorter!

Let me know if there is anything I am missing in these posts – I am happy to add to them!

Patreon 2021’s Video has been released this morning for you to watch and catch up with what’s happening here at Wool n’ Spinning – Patreon post here.

Teaching Content for the Month

Spinning Purls Vlog: Our monthly teaching vlog introduces alpaca to the community, along with spinning tips at the wheel as we handle the most common alpaca fibre on the market: huacaya.

51 Yarns, Group B (PDF & Vlog): Exploring Silk & Luxury — just a few months left you guys! You can do it!

The Thoughtful Spinner (PDF): Including the Spinning Purls transcript, we build on what constitutes the camelid species, further tips to get you started and photographs to help you  learn, get inspired and build your motivation to try spinning these fibres.

How I Spin (PDF & Vlog): We will begin our exploration of an alpaca-wool blend, spinning tips and tricks at the wheel, including wheel set-up and preferences, and what we might explore in the future.

Wool n’ Spinning Radio: Katrina and I will be getting together to discuss our new Breed & Colour Study on carded fibre! We are excited to share this next chapter with you all!

BONUS Wool n’ Spinning Radio: In preparation for our OHS Master Weaver certificate, I hoped on a call with Lisa Graves and Lea Williams to chat about their experiences to date of the Master Weaver. We have an upcoming Zoom meeting to learn more about what is involved in the certificate course on July 20th – please check the #weaving channel on Slack for more!

On The Wool Circlethis month, we are exploring some wools that have been gifted to me to try so I thought I’d bring you along on the journey of spinning those! Our first Wool Circle this month exploring more Romney (and it’s very different from the School of SweetGeorgia Romney we spun in Episode 207 here) and Sanjo Silk’s Camel-Silk – find it here.


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Resources for Wool & Fibre purchasing – open to EVERYONE to edit & add to this listhere

Grist calculator created by community member Kellie here (Thank you!)


Upcoming Book club picks and schedule

For Non-fiction we will be reading Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years by Elizabeth Wayland Barber.  Fiction pick (and focus on BIPOC authors) will be There Thereby Tommy Orange


For a softcover copy of How I Spin: A Sock Study, check here & e-book link here

Unbraided: The Art & Science of Spinning Colour – ebooks here & book orders here


Luxury Fibres ALONG Ravelry thread here & use #luxury-fibres on Slack

Natural Shades Along Ravelry thread here & use #natural-shades-along , #sweaterspin channel on Slack

Breed & Colour Study on Shetland thread here & use #general channel on Slack

51 Yarns SAL Group B here

Please note in the Slack channel: If you’re looking for the different channels, mouse over or click on mobile apps the (+) sign to search for other channels to join! In the top left corner of the channel, you can (*) ones you want to keep an eye on at the top of your feed!


Remember there is a Luxury Fibres ALONGdiscount on all spinning fibre for Sanjo Silk here in Vancouver if you are interested in participating!


If you have any questions about any of the content or how to access it, please don’t hesitate to ask below or send me a direct message! Enjoy & Happy Spinning!



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