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One happy toddler …

It’s been a while since I posted about a finished object and this one is just too cute not to post about! I made it in about 2 hours from start to finish, enjoyed every minute and just can’t stop looking at it. I think there’s something really fulfilling sometimes about these quick n’ dirty… Continue reading One happy toddler …

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Episode 81: Happy Happy Spinzilla!

Happy Spinzilla! I hope you are tuning in this week because your spinning wheel (or spindle) is turning fast, and you are making tons and tons of yarn! This week, I announce some giveaway winners from last month and this month as part of the Patreon support. Speaking of Patreon, thank you to those who… Continue reading Episode 81: Happy Happy Spinzilla!

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Mountain Meadow Wool 100% Targhee // Giveaway

This yarn review was provided to my by the awesome folks over at Mountain Meadow Wool and Stitch Craft Marketing. A giveaway announcement is provided at the end of this post so please read on! I received this yarn while incredibly sick with that recent head and chest cold I had, which gave me ample… Continue reading Mountain Meadow Wool 100% Targhee // Giveaway

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Episode 45: Blasting Off, Neatsfoot & a Frame Loom

Until the end of November 2016, as part of #knitterspayitforward, #commuKnitty and #randomactsofpatterns, please enjoy my Simple WPI Toque pattern for free when you enter the coupon code thankyou at purchase! Thank you for joining me this week! A special shout-out to our Patreon subscribers who keep the show on the air each week – this wouldn’t… Continue reading Episode 45: Blasting Off, Neatsfoot & a Frame Loom

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the river district toque (call for testing).

About a year ago, when Norah was really wee, I was driving through a southern Vancouver neighbourhood called The River District and found myself dreaming about baby toques. Problem was, once I started dreaming about it, I couldn’t get it out of my head! I wiped up a couple and thought I was finished with… Continue reading the river district toque (call for testing).

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handspun toque & a call for testing.

This skein of yarn has been sitting in my stash for about a year. I loved it when I finished it but I’ve been torn about what to knit with it ever since. I finally decided to cast on for a toque based on the wraps per inch (WPI) of my yarn. Is anyone interested… Continue reading handspun toque & a call for testing.