Black Light Mini Mock Neck Tank, Suspended Spindling, Brioche & More! | Wool n’ Spinning, ep. 277

Dear Spinning Circle,

Welcome to another stream!

Live Stream: Tuesday, October 17th @ 10am Pacific / 12noon Central / 1pm Eastern / 6pm GMT

Direct YouTube Link here

Community News

  • School of SweetGeorgia Spinning Luxury Fibres: Goats & Rare Workshop release here
  • What does spinning LUXURY mean to you? Giveaway Winners announced TODAY!
  • Recent Tutorial on how to use Ravelry & Slack – requests were made for help!

Ask Anything

Ravelry thread here to ask questions, bounce ideas & comment

Today, from Jackie: Do you find your plying is more even if the bobbins are sitting behind you / depending on what fingers you’re using to separate the singles? Do you have any other tricks?

Sweater Reflections

Metamorphic by Andrea Mowry; Ravelry Project Page here


  • WoolieBullie Columbia roving: turquoise, raw roving, roughly dyed; tttenuating aggressively; spindling slowly on Innoxia Spindle; Ravelry Project Page here


  • Total Brioche by Matt Akers; Romney-Icelandic mix, 2-ply sport, lightweight w/attentuation; Ravelry Project Page here


  • Mini Mock Neck Tank by Jessie Maed; Ravelry Project Page here & original here; Gingersnap Yarns in Dust Fingering, black light activated, no modifications to tank

Community Inspiration // Participation

As always, thank you to those who share in the community, uploading photos and thoughts about what you are working on! I appreciate it – it’s my pleasure to be able to share!

Thank you so much for joining me today!

Until then, Happy Making!

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