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Episode 65: Washing All the Fleece

Thank you for tuning in this week! Thank you to our new viewers and returning – welcome! Thank you especially for those who support the show at Patreon – I’m looking forward to Live Streaming with you guys for our next show! In today’s show, I chat about my finished Smith & Ewe Pencil Roving… Continue reading Episode 65: Washing All the Fleece

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Bitten but not bit.

Over the course of the weekend at Knit City 2016 earlier this month, which I shared in depth about on Episode 40, I had the chance to wander through the Ancient Arts Yarn booth several times due to it’s proximity to the SweetGeorgia Yarns booth where I was spinning. The Ancient Arts booth is one… Continue reading Bitten but not bit.

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Episode 43 :: It Took Forever

First, thank you to all of our existing and new Patreon subscribers – we have made our latest milestone! The show will always be longer (20-25 minutes weekly) and begin to air again on iTunes as of this week! For those who have been requesting the show there, please search Wool n’ Spinning in the… Continue reading Episode 43 :: It Took Forever

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mystery fibre.

In our guild, we have a program called “Mystery Fibre” that many people sign up for and I always forget to do so. At the last guild meeting for the season, I was able to get a left-over package. It was American Tunis! In raw, unwashed fleece, I decided to load up my garment bag… Continue reading mystery fibre.

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productivity and opportunity.

A few weeks ago, I had an interesting interaction at work. I was working on the Shetland Pommier Vest and a comment by my colleague was, “You’re so productive.” I didn’t think anything of it because, to be totally honest, I get this comment from time-to-time and, while I don’t personally feel particularly productive very… Continue reading productivity and opportunity.

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A Hand-pulled Roving Experience

In September 2014, I received this fibre in the Sweet Georgia Yarns’ fibre club, which was new to me at the time. I had just joined and thus far, had had good results from my spun club fibres. This particular month, for some reason, really challenged me and I didn’t quite know what to do… Continue reading A Hand-pulled Roving Experience

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Episode 27

Another installment of my weekly video-log (vlog), focused on discussing my process around turning fibre and fleece into yarn and, eventually, knitted objects. We are having a wet and rainy July here in Vancouver, BC. No sun in the forecast for another week or so. Hopefully you are experiencing sun and summer where you, if… Continue reading Episode 27