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restored weaving fail

I mentioned recently that I had a weaving disaster. It was my second project on my loom. I have been really worried from the time I decided to get a loom till now about making a mistake for two reasons: [1] It is a lot of yarn to ‘waste’ and [2] It is a lot… Continue reading restored weaving fail


Episode 59: Calling in Sick | Giveaway Announcements

Thank you for tuning in but unfortunately, there isn’t much of a show this week – I’m still incredibly sick and we’ve been up at night with sicker kids. Needing a rest this week, I think! I announce a couple of giveaways though with some instructions! Congratulations also to our Patreon subscriber who will receive… Continue reading Episode 59: Calling in Sick | Giveaway Announcements

handspun · process · textured yarn · weaving · yarn

Corespun Woven Table Runner

Our guild has been working towards a Gallery Show in the summer and I’ve been really excited to get started on mine! I chose ‘C is for Corespun’ because at the time, I was really into corespinning. I still love the effect that corespinning has but have mostly been distracted by other projects. One of… Continue reading Corespun Woven Table Runner

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Episode 58: Making mistakes, starting new & books

Another week –  where did February go?! Thank you for tuning in this week! Thank you to everyone who continues to tune in, welcome to new viewers and especially to our Patreon subscribers. Episode 2 of Wool n’ Spinning Radio has been released to all Patreon subscribers, so be sure to check that out. Today,… Continue reading Episode 58: Making mistakes, starting new & books


Wiksten dress + tunic

I’m sitting here, feeling sorry for myself because I just had braces put on my bottom teeth today and my mouth is hurting a lot. Did it hurt this much when I was a teenager? I can’t remember but I’ve delivered two babies naturally, with no medication, and this maybe hurts more. I decided to… Continue reading Wiksten dress + tunic