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a hybrid sweater.

I am so excited this is done … Have you ever knit those projects that kind of fly off your needles and once it is finished, you sort of forget about them? This was one of those projects but for an odd reason. I knit it twice. When I finished it the second time, it… Continue reading a hybrid sweater.

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mallard blue.

I am hooked on seamed sweaters. Like really hooked. They are brilliant. And so fast. I knit this in about 10 days! I’ve had this yarn languishing in the my stash, which was originally meant for a sweater for one of the men in my life. In the end, I just never ended feeling inspired… Continue reading mallard blue.

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A little more caution.

Disaster has struck. I am actually in complete shock. In all of my years knitting and spinning, I have never (EVER) felted anything. Anything. Ever. Family members and my own husband have felted things because items got caught up in the laundry, thrown in and washed on normal cycles, whereas if I had been loading… Continue reading A little more caution.

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Hyannis Hybrid.

This sweater has a little bit of a story behind it so rather than sharing all of that, all at once, in the finished post, I thought I would share a little with you this week. I saw this original sweater in Knitscene Fall 2015 and absolutely fell in love. Like I have to knit… Continue reading Hyannis Hybrid.