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Episode 119: Celebration, Crepe Yarn f/u* & thwacking

Thank you for joining us this episode. Welcome to new and returning viewers. Thank you to our Patreon support community - I hope you are enjoying our next 51 SAL challenge, which are 'semi' yarns. In this week's show, we chat about a couple of community questions, including a follow up from a previous Spinning… Continue reading Episode 119: Celebration, Crepe Yarn f/u* & thwacking

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CraftyJAKS: May 2019 // Charollais

May has been a busy month so I decided to break down the gradient batt that Katrina prepared this month and spin the Charollais fibre end-to-end, with a little pre-drafting for smooth spinning, while working my way across the batt systematically. I have never had the pleasure of spinning Charollais before, although I have spun… Continue reading CraftyJAKS: May 2019 // Charollais

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Episode 116: woven Eden stole, shawl cuff & Bastidor handspun

Thank you for joining me this week. This month, there will be 3 shows due to our missed show in March. I'm not sure what has been going on over here the past couple of weeks but I have a ton of finished items to share with you. While I haven't had much in terms of… Continue reading Episode 116: woven Eden stole, shawl cuff & Bastidor handspun

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Early Gifts.

Back at the beginning of November, I spun up the SweetGeorgia Yarns’ Fibre Club. It was a beautiful 100% Wensleydale that I spun as a soft singles. In under an hour, I had a beautiful skein of yarn and I was so excited to knit with it! After washing and drying, the club fibre needed… Continue reading Early Gifts.



If you haven't learned how to do something, the people who have may seem to be magicians, possessors of mysterious secrets. In a fairly simple art, such as making a pie crust, there are certain teachable 'secrets' of method that lead almost infallibly to good results; but in any complex art, such as housekeeping, piano-playing,… Continue reading work.

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A Hand-pulled Roving Experience

In September 2014, I received this fibre in the Sweet Georgia Yarns’ fibre club, which was new to me at the time. I had just joined and thus far, had had good results from my spun club fibres. This particular month, for some reason, really challenged me and I didn’t quite know what to do… Continue reading A Hand-pulled Roving Experience

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Spin the Bin 2016

This is the first year I have finished the Completely Twisted and Arbitrary Spin the Bin event. I haven’t wanted to participate before because I’ve never had projects hanging over me until the end of 2015! I usually work on one or two projects at a time, then move onto other things once they are… Continue reading Spin the Bin 2016