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a YouTube habit-rabbit hole.

I've recently fallen into a bit of a bad habit again. Again because it's a similar habit that I fell into when I was first re-learning to spin back in 2014. Basically, I click on a video in my home page on the University of YouTube that peaks my interest and I let it play… Continue reading a YouTube habit-rabbit hole.

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a waltz.

After my previous post about this yarn, I got to thinking about why most projects have some area of angst or turmoil about them. If I can see that turmoil through by letting it be, leaving it for another project and coming back to it, or trying something else entirely new, then generally something inevitably… Continue reading a waltz.

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absolutely every time.

The idea of reviewing spinning fibre is always a little overwhelming because there are so many things a handspinner takes into consideration when choosing fibre to spin. Some want to feel and look at in person prior to spinning, others buy all of their fibre online and through experience learn what they like, and others,… Continue reading absolutely every time.

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Episode 18 :: Shawls & Fibre Prep Tools

The Wool n’ Spinning Podcast Episode 18 :: Shawls & Fibre Prep Tools March 2016 Thank you for watching! This week’s show features finished handspun knitting and a lot of talk about fibre prep tools that I currently use/own. I am a Craftsy affiliate. This means that when you click on the Craftsy ad within… Continue reading Episode 18 :: Shawls & Fibre Prep Tools


January Fibre Club :: Wintergreen

In all truth, one of my favourite blends available in commercial top is Polwarth + Silk. There’s something about the slightly longer stapled Polwarth and the combination with the silk … it’s something. I’m having trouble putting words to exactly what that thing is but it’s there. It’s something. January’s Fibre Club from Sweet Georgia… Continue reading January Fibre Club :: Wintergreen

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more socks galore.

The obsession with sock knitting continues this week with a follow-up from Monday’s post with you guessed it, more socks! For the Christmas break, our little family piled onto a plane and flew to Toronto to spend the holidays with our extended family. It was loud, boisterous and exhausting but tons of fun. The kids… Continue reading more socks galore.

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blending colour with wool combs.

I alluded to this yarn in a previous review post but I wanted to go into more detail about how I made it. I thought it was a really interesting way of creating new colours and blending existing colours in our yarns. Bren of Snerb Studio is a huge inspiration to me – if you… Continue reading blending colour with wool combs.