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A Year in the Making: Sparkle Cardigan

Slow cloth is just that: Slow. It takes a long time to make and there is deep consideration of the process. I started spinning for this project last year, on October 1, 2017, to be exact. I finished the spinning in February 2018 after a long final push to get the project finished. It had… Continue reading A Year in the Making: Sparkle Cardigan


june cashmere

First and foremost, there is a giveaway associated with this gorgeous yarn review that you can access to at the end of this post! Please click on the link and follow the instructions to be entered to win 3 skeins of June Cashmere Lace in any colour combination of your choosing – pretty awesome and… Continue reading june cashmere

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yarn + lace + jacket = love.

Hello! How are things? Are you good? Are you in the midst of winter? We … are not. In the midst of winter, I mean. Before you get jealous of our warm weather, let me assure you that actually, I would prefer colder weather at this point. There is something to be said for actually… Continue reading yarn + lace + jacket = love.

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campside. a test knit.

Of the entire calendar year, I have a few months that are my favourite. August and September are two of them (June is my other favourite month). I love the autumnal changes that are so insidious that one day you wake up and think, “Wow. It’s Fall. How did that happen?!” It is also prime… Continue reading campside. a test knit.