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One happy toddler …

It’s been a while since I posted about a finished object and this one is just too cute not to post about! I made it in about 2 hours from start to finish, enjoyed every minute and just can’t stop looking at it. I think there’s something really fulfilling sometimes about these quick n’ dirty… Continue reading One happy toddler …

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I have to start off this post by saying that this project is very ‘cool’ – perhaps the coolest thing I’ve ever knit?! Although there was the Esjan shawl … oh, and the completely oversized crochet scarf from a few many years ago … So maybe these trendy knits aren’t so foreign to me?! An… Continue reading fringed.

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Hallowe’en in the Boneyard.

Happy Hallows’ Eve/October!    I’m actually not a huge fan of Hallowe’en … after working in Emergency for years and seeing what comes in during that one night of the year (read: Burns), I definitely lost my taste for the ‘fun’ night. But I digress – I wanted to share this as a kick start… Continue reading Hallowe’en in the Boneyard.

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in progress.

I have a couple of things I’m excited to share with you but … they aren’t quite ready to share. One of the projects I’ve been working on this week is almost complete – I’m just waiting for some decent weather to photograph Norah and James! In the meantime, I thought I would chat to… Continue reading in progress.

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I have a finished project! And a wrecked wrist! Yay! My wrist is not knitting or spinning related … although, let’s be honest: The knitting and spinning probably haven’t been helping it get better either. I have tendonitis in my dominant wrist (I’m right-handed). It’s lovingly referred to by my physiotherapist as “Mommy Thumb.” Anyone… Continue reading 42.

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tour de fleece. finale.

I wanted to share with you my final projects for Tour de Fleece. While I am sad that it is over, I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s projects on Instagram and Ravelry. Rather than write and edit a post containing everything I finished, as well as started, I thought I would record a video post again!… Continue reading tour de fleece. finale.

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tour de fleece 2014. week 2.

At the last minute, without participating in any groups, I decided to join in with Tour de Fleece 2014 with the simple goal of spinning every day throughout the race. No pressure: If I so much as spin for 5 minutes, I’m counting that as a day I participated! My reflections on Week 1 are… Continue reading tour de fleece 2014. week 2.