Then there were two.

I have finished spinning more of that sparkling merino, black Alpaca and silk blend. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen some of the progress and I talked a lot about it the other day, which you can find here. I’m really taken with the heathered quality that the black Alpaca brings to… Continue reading Then there were two.

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is it summer yet?!

After battling technology all weekend, I needed a little bit of a win. This was it. Gorgeous Sweet Georgia Yarns’ July 2014 Fibre Club. Oh, how these colours sang to me. I was able to get a second bump from a friend which meant I had a total of 8 ounces to spin. I spun… Continue reading is it summer yet?!

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the mysticism of our craft.

There is a certain mysticism about washing fleece. At least there was to me as I entered the world of spinning yarn. I mean, I could (and did) watch YouTube videos, read books and blog posts, and talk to friends who had done it but until I actually took that leap myself, I felt that… Continue reading the mysticism of our craft.

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everyone needs sparkle in their life. amiright?!

In keeping with this new theme of mine, which seems to be handspun central … everything fibre and spinning … I thought I would share with you my new project. I am hoping to finish this one during Spinzilla. Are you participating in Spinzilla?! I sure hope so! This started with Instagram. Someone had favourited… Continue reading everyone needs sparkle in their life. amiright?!

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I have a finished project! And a wrecked wrist! Yay! My wrist is not knitting or spinning related … although, let’s be honest: The knitting and spinning probably haven’t been helping it get better either. I have tendonitis in my dominant wrist (I’m right-handed). It’s lovingly referred to by my physiotherapist as “Mommy Thumb.” Anyone… Continue reading 42.