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weaving tea leaves and spirit

How can I relay to you how pleased I am with this first project? It’s the first project off my loom! There are copious mistakes and I could pick it apart until the cows come more, try to fix it all and feel frustrated … or I could just languish in this first project and… Continue reading weaving tea leaves and spirit

weaving · yarn

woven rabbit hole

I seem to fall down rabbit holes again and again. You’d think I’d learn? Nope. I continue to enjoy this thing called fibre arts and all it has to offer! Some of my favourite projects to date have been these rabbit holes that I fall down continuously! This one involves weaving and all things Rigid… Continue reading woven rabbit hole

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It has been a long time since I have knit anything substantial with commercial or millspun yarn. I’ve been pretty heavily focused on knitting with handspun for the past couple of years. Handspun will continue to be my first choice when it comes to yarn and projects, but my yarn stash has been stagnant for… Continue reading Hexie-gone-wild.