yellow affliction.

In an effort to escape from purling, seed stitch, colourwork, lace, and pretty much anything else that resembles any variation of the knit stitch, I decided to go back to my one true love for my next project: Garter Stitch.

Garter stitch is a funny thing.

When I first picked up knitting again, I thought garter was such a simple, ugly and laborious stitch that only beginners were taught because it was ‘easy’. As I have continued on my knitting journey, I have come to appreciate this simple stitch more than anything. There is something about it that is incredibly pleasing – and not just the simplicity of working it – the finished item always looks great too. Clean edges, simple lines and a beautiful showcase of the yarn. Especially when you have some gorgeous madelinetosh in my favourite colour.


Pattern: Audrey by Jane Richmond

Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh DK (formally Tosh Worsted) in colour Olivia (4 skeins)

Needles: 4.5mm circulars


I actually saw Jane from a distance at Fibres West and she was wearing her Audrey. I didn’t get a chance to compliment her on it as I spotted her and quickly became distracted by the above-mentioned project yarn that came home with me – then I didn’t see her again. It looked great on her. As I was driving home, I thought What a perfect project to take a break from the more difficult stuff I’ve been working on lately.



It’s been the perfect escape.



There are a few things about this that I have to admit, I don’t love. I did no waist shaping (I was keeping things simple!) so the back looks like just a big square-rectanglish block. Because I knew this would grow like mad when I washed it, I knew I could do something about it afterwards. I’m actually thinking – especially while I’m pregnant and belts seem to be super cute on my right now – of knitting a 1×1 rib belt. The body is about 20” long, so long enough to belt for sure.

Also, I didn’t do button holes. I was going to do snaps instead fronted by buttons. I found these super cute buttons at Fabricana (just cheap Countess ones). I sewed on 7 but I’m wondering about taking them off and re-spacing them to add more. I have 14 to play with … so at present, the cardigan does not close. But the belt idea would fix that … I will keep you posted as to what I decide and photo it with the belt if I decide to go that route.


Overall, I think this will get a lot of wear as the weather warms up. Already we have had many jacket-less days :) I hope Spring is warming you wherever you are!

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  1. This is on my to-knit-queue as well. Yours turned out so pretty.

  2. A second sweater – you're amazingly prolific! This is a great colourway – I can see why you love it.

  3. Your Audrey is beautiful! Nice pictures as well. I've just discovered your blog via Raverly. I love what I see /read. Will go back to catch up. BTW- My blog shares the same last name as yours :-)

  4. Thank you Ladies :) Laura, you're right, I knit a lot of sweaters … but I don't really get anything else done ;) Monica – love your blog – I'll continue reading!

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